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HTML Checklist

by Vadim Nareyko December 12, 2006
A useful checklist that helps you to verify whether your webpage is well styled and standards compliant.

Effective SEO through Good Code Structure

by Adriana Iordan November 13, 2006
How to improve your website code to rank better in search enginesFor a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy, take into consideration that search engines look at content and also at the structure of the markup. They emphasize the importance of text content, page titles, keywords rich text, meta descriptions and information architecture. A website where quality of content and code prevails will rank higher in the major search engines.

Tag and Ping - Get Your Blogs Indexed Fast

by Radu Ciocan July 11, 2006
Tags are keywords that you use in your blog post. If you have a blog about dogs and you just write a post about dog food, your possible tags would be, say: dog, dogs, dog food, natural dog food, dog food recipe, and any other keywords that you used in your post.

Web Design Tips

by Halstatt Pires July 10, 2006
Web Design is an art, yet following basic steps can help lead even a non-artist to a good design. For the novice or the expert, there is always more to learn with these web design tips.

216 Web Safe Color Chart

March 31, 2006
Each color below contains the hexadecimal values and the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Values. Select a color and copy & paste the hexadecimal value into your HTML document.

Chris's HTML tutorial center

Great tips and tricks on HTML, such as adding music and marquees to your web pages, plus harnessing the power of DHTML to bring your site to the next level.

Periwinkle Communications LLC's Tips & Techniques: HTML

Tips & Techniques from Periwinkle Communications LLC including eliminating the "image link underscore" and how to display code for others to use.

Tips, Tricks, How to, and Beyond

This site was created to help you design "a better web page". Below you will find the answers for most of your web design problems.

Web Source

Your guide to professional web site design and development. HTML tips, tricks and how to's, codes, symbols, 216 safe color chart, tutorials and more.

Web Spider

Many useful, copy-and-paste tips and tricks for enhancing your Web site.



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