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CGI/Perl Tips, Tricks, and Hints

A good resource for CGI/Perl developers.


quick guide to writing HTML and CGI scripts.

Dynamic Content with CGI

Apache Tutorial Dynamic Content with CGI - Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3. Dynamic Content with CGI. ... Dynamic Content with CGI. ... programs. Configuring Apache to permit CGI.

Introduction to CGI

This first article in the CGI section of "No Content" will discuss exactly what CGI is all about. Why should you use it? What can it do? What can't it do? What this first article won't do is get into any actual CGI applications. Like the Java section, you

Introduction to Web Programming

Highly recommended. Discusses web programming as it related to CGI and Java. This course is divided into 4 days.

Perl Primer-CGI/Perl Tutorial

Still can't get it to work, just ask here or on the CGI newsgroup as ... Note-I wrote this tutorial because I wanted to contribute something other than just lists ...

Perl/CGI Tutorial

Short CGI/Perl tutorial geared to towards beginners.

PerlCGI Tutorial

This tutorial will lead you through the steps involved with setting up a Perl CGI web page. Many websites use the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to provide dynamic webpages to their users, and the Perl programming language is a common choice for various r

Reading CGI data

How does a browser send a user's answers back to the web server and your script? How does a script read and interpret the data? Here's an overview of url-encoding, of methods GET and POST, and of the query string and path info.

What the Heck is CGI?

An introduction to CGI programming using Perl with emphasis on how HTML forms interact with a cgi program, and how to get a program to work.

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