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4AF Web Polls

Take an opinion poll on your website and find out what your visitors think about your site, major news stories, or any other topic you choose. Real-time updates and results. Admin can manipulate questions and votes at any time. Very easy to use, fully cus

5 Star Rating from Bandley3 Software

Previously found only on massive web sites, now you can offer your visitors a chance to add their Star Rating to whatever topics YOU choose with Bandley3 Softwares "5 Star Rating" script. Included is the option to add, hide and delete as many topics as yo

BNB Survey Script

Simple cgi script that stores HTML form input to both survey data files, and a log file that can easily be imported into popular database programs for further analysis. After voting, the viewer can see the current standings- with colored bar charts.

CGI World's SurveyTime

Allows the creation of multiple question surveys to gather information from your site's visitors. Features include double vote blocking, auto expiration, e-Mailing of survey expiration, & a password protected admin section.

Cliff's Voting Booth Script

Script lets users vote on current topics or add their own. Logs IP's to prevent voting for the same topic twice.

Dave Bewley's survey.pl

Bewley says, "Survey gathers comments on any number of pages using one standard survey or a unique survey for each page if you like. Designed to be inobtrusive, it knows the page a user referenced it from and will return them to that page once they submit

Easy Poll Maker New!

Install ezpolmkr at your site and your visitors can easily create their own surveys with instant bar-graph results. Users can select color scheme, toggle duplicate vote checking, control history size, collection period and define expiration date.

FreeScripts: Vote Script

This script allows people to rate anything on a scale of one to ten. It produces a graph of the cumulative results of the voting and the graph is updated every time the script is run.


Now run a number of online polls quicky, easily & hassle free. MultiPoll features Auto expiration of polls, online administrating, double vote blocking (cookies), email notification of expired polls, great display, & no time consuming tasks from the admin


With PollWorld CGI script you can offer remote hosted voting systems to your users. Your users must only place HTML code on their HTML pages to get full working vote system.

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