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.htaccess member adminstration

This script is used to manage usernames/passwords for .htaccess/.htpasswd directory protection. Can be used to handle multiple password protected directories, e-mail notify new users, add name, e-mail, comments for each user and more.

4AF Protected Pages

Your very own password gate! Would you like to make sure not every nosey surfer gets to see all the goodies? Now you can protect your entire site or just a few pages. Easy to use, fully customizable page layout, multiple number of logins and passwords.

Alpha-Numeric Generator

A very simple perl script which generates alpha-numerical passwords. Designed as a "paste-in" to your existing script to circumvent then need for users to create a password. Can be configured to any Character length and supports server-side encryption/ver

CGI For Me Password Protection

With CFM, you can store store up to 250k of your HTML files in an .htaccess protected directory - no bookmarking and bypassing the password box later.

CGI World's Protect It Pro

Protect It Pro by CGI World using DBM Files rather than flat text files for username / password authentication. DBM files support over 100,000 usernames without slowing down like a flat text file would. Protect It Pro has many exciting features such as fu

Password Manager v1.2

Managing user access to your website by username and password using .htaccess (Apache Webserver) or .nsconfig (Netscape Webserver) authentication has never been easier using Password Manager by CGI World.

Password Protector

This script is a very simple form of web site password protection. Instead of directing people to your main html file, you use this script as a filter to verify users for the password to gain access. If the password is accepted, then the script automatica

Password Sentry

Password Sentry - the invaluable tool for every paysite webmaster to protect their site from password traders. Test drive Password Sentry using our online demo. FREE installation and upgrades!


Free password authentication, plus several other scripts.

StepWeb's CheckMe

CheckMe is a simple password script, which lets include an infinite number of people with different passwords. It also logs every login in a log file and an optional e-mail can be sent for every login.

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