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452 Multi-MAIL

452 Multi-MAIL is a socket base mailing list manger written in pure PHP.

AlphaMail Easy E-mail with AutoReply by CodeBrain

The AlphaMail.pl Kit is perfect for use by any site requiring an e-mail form -- including an autoresponder! This simple kit is specially designed with Perl newcomers in mind, and features extremely easy set-up; overall simplicity; crystal-clear, unclutter

An Easy E-Mail Script Kit with Autoreply - Free

BrainCode's e-mail with autoreply is designed for those new to Perl, and is especially easy to install. Perl veterans will also find this a useful script set to quickly get basic e-mail with autoreply onto a site. Excellent, complete, thorough documentati


Fast and flexible subscription and mailing list management system. Written in perl for unix and windows. FREE!

CGI World's Mailing List Manager

Now easily setup and manage multiple mailing lists to keep you in contact with your websites visitors and keep them coming back by sending emails out to inform them of site updates, etc. Supports a large number of emails.

CGI World's Mailing List Manager

Keep your website visitors informed when changes are made to a website or you have "company" announcements you would like your visitors to be informed of. Mailing List Manager allows users to subscribe their email address to mailing lists you ha


Lets users add themselves to your mailing list from a web page. The administrator can then mail all users, or delete a user. Mail sent to users includes an "unsubscribe" link for easy removal from the list.

David Baker's LWGate

Baker says, "The LWGate is a CGI script, written in Perl, which tries to merge the technologies of the WWW and mailing lists by: presenting information about mailing lists to WWW users; assisting users in executing mailing list commands though a user-frie

E-Mail Autoresponder

Respond Instantly to Any Message. Automatic Reply You Select Yourself.

Hassan Consulting's Mailing List

Our program allows you to easily maintain your mailing list via the web. Installation is included in the price of the product. Customization of our product is also available.

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