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Audric's Counter

This program uses server side includes, and rather than displaying one image file, it acts much like a text based counter, displaying one image per digit.


A very fast and easy counter! Special features to block counter loading and illegal calls. One script for an unlimited number of pages and sites!

CGI City

A must see! c2countit Free - Platforms: Unix, WinNT c2countit allows you to have a FREE graphical counter on any and all pages that you want.

CGI Scripts and Perl Scripting

For Free, it's amazing!WebSearch and more. [Collection] Whole Internet CGI Scripts Guide - A catalog of CGI scripts available online. counters, web stats

Cliff's Counter

A simple text based counter that can track multiple pages.

Count 'n Log

Perl script to use for a hidden counter which also logs information about the remote user.


This script is a simple graphical counter it will be include in the IMG HTML Tag.

CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog

This set of scripts is designed to let you create (if necessary) and analyze NSCA-format agent and referer logs, so you can easily keep track of what browsers and operating systems your visitors are using and what pages are directing them to yours. Counte

Fluid Dynamics: Roman Numeral Counter

This counter works like most others, but displays the hits in Roman Numeral format.

Free Java Hit Web Counter Applet

This counter makes money using FastClick.com! Cam's Java Web Hit Counter: Dynamic Counter Applet.

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