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Does Domain Age Matter When Ranking in Google?
August 25, 2011
Here is a question that continues to come up ever since search engine optimization started to become popular all those years ago. For many, the idea that domain age can give a site an edge, especially if its older than others seems quite rational and for a time search engines did show indirectly that many older sites did indeed rank higher (of course other factors could have been in play).

Caffeine Indexing, What is it?
August 16, 2011
If you are not in the SEO or SEM industry or if you have taken a bit of vacation this summer, you will sometimes find that it's hard to keep up with the many innovations that Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are offering to their users on the web.

The Google Plus Project Gaining Traction and Has Potential
July 21, 2011
The first impressions are in. The overwhelming consensus is that Google+, the new social network and Facebook competitor is gaining traction and has the potential to be relevant in social networking on the web. In fact, these last few weeks have seen many updates and innovations from Google which are for the most part being well received.

The New Google Plus One Button-Add it Now to Your WebPages
July 14, 2011
I have to admit, that viewing webpages today's means viewing a whole bunch of buttons everywhere. I see a button for Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Linkedin , etc. While I understand that many web developers are more than happy to add these button to help spread their content, many more take adding buttons with a grain of salt. So that now that Google +1 has created their own "Facebook Like" button, should web developers, SEO, and SEM professionals start adding it to their site? The answer is Yes!

Google Introduces its New Social Network - The Google+ Project
July 01, 2011
Google Announces its new social network after years of development and months of rumor. For many Google watchers, The Google+ Project is finally a reality. I recently wrote about Google's- +1 button a few months ago - a button similar to Facebook's Like button where one can recommend a piece of content or web page to others in their group. During the time that this button was released, it was quite evident that Google had something big in the works. While all the pieces of the puzzle weren't viewable, with its June 28thannouncement by Google, its social networking project called the Google+ Project is finally taking shape.

Top Level Domains To Shake Up The Web? Not Exactly
June 23, 2011
There's been a lot of press lately regarding ICANN's decision to allow the creation of just about any type of domain ending. Meaning that .com, .org, .edu and others which currently number about 25 could potentially reach millions in just a matter of a couple of years. So, what does this mean for the average web developer and business owner and more importantly, what does it mean for SEO/SEM professionals?

Google Losing Market Share in Search Engine Wars
June 23, 2011
For those SEO and SEM Professionals, it's not time to panic- far from it, however it is time to take note of the up and comers in Search. Bing, Microsoft's search engine property which has been around for a couple of years in its latest incarnation has actually been winning over some long time Google users. Bing has been quite competitive when it comes to its implementation of its features, as well as branding and deal making. This has made it the biggest gainer in market share- compared to Google- who has lost quite a lot over the last year.

How Rotating Content Affects Search Engine Optimization
June 07, 2011
One of the key factors to creating a website that draws and engages visitors is not only to have it look aesthetically pleasing, but to ensure that it is dynamic. There are websites that we all visit, but would we continue to visit these sites if they never changed or if they changed every month instead of weekly?

Search vs. Social Media: Finding the Right Balance
May 25, 2011
I receive lots of questions regarding both search and social media and I am often asked by clients and friends, which strategy is the best for my business? Obviously, there should be a balance of search vs. social media marketing for anyone wishing to conduct a comprehensive web marketing campaign, but what this article is going to talk about is the general expectations of focusing on Search vs. Social media.

Does Page Load Time Matter for SEO?
May 16, 2011
Page load time is defined as the time it takes for a webpage to fully load in a browser showing all elements of a page. Does relative page load time matter for SEO? Here's a question that has come up on my radar a few times over the last few months. In fact, Matt Cutts of Google recently spoke about it in one of his many blog videos (link below). So, with so many people wondering does the speed to load a page affect SEO, what is the answer? In short, the answer is yes, page load time does matter.

Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users
May 09, 2011
Mobile Search is constantly on the rise. As more and more people purchase smart phones and as smartphones get more and more powerful, mobile search has become a very big focus for many companies. Whether you are a local business or service the nation/world, you should consider how mobile search can affect your business.

Do Shortened URL's Hurt or Help Your Rankings?
April 18, 2011
Shortened urls have been around for years. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people started using them once Twitter took off. There are many benefits of using shortened urls, however for many SEO/SEM professionals, there was always a thought in the back of our heads on whether or not it can hurt or help a campaign.

Move Over "Like" Button, Google Announces the "+1" Button
April 11, 2011
Similar to the Facebook "Like" button that offers those with a Facebook account to vote socially and "like" something - whether a person, business or web page outside the walls of Facebook's closed eco-system, Google now is about to roll out a "Like" button of its own: the +1 (plus one) button.

Yahoo!'s New Way to Search - Search Direct
March 31, 2011
Over the last couple of years Google, and to a lesser degree Bing, have shared the spotlight when it comes to search. In fact, Yahoo! who above all other brands brought search to the masses has found itself slowly in a death spiral that it finds hard to get out of.

The New Google Algorithm Farmer - What SEO/SEM Professionals Need to Know
March 10, 2011
It's official! While there has been talk of an upcoming algorithm change from Google for at least a couple of months, these past couple of weeks saw a definite change in the way that Google ranks those sites on the web vying for top placement in its listings. So what is the big news? This algorithm specifically went after content farms and, in addition, to a broad extent, low quality sites that have been gaming the system for higher rankings. Since the algorithm targeted content farmers, this algorithm has been nicknamed The Farmer.

Indispensable SEO Tools
February 28, 2011
One of the questions that I get asked at least every couple of months is what kind of basic tools do you use for SEO? The truth of the matter is that while I might use a specific tool to research keywords or a tool to watch traffic closely, I find that there are a few tools available, all of which are free and indispensable - and help me with my day to day projects. Whether you are looking at your competition, tracking your page rank, or looking to find a weakness in your site or blog, the following tools are an efficient way to get deeper understanding and conduct research.

Google Strikes Back Against Black Hat SEO
February 24, 2011
Many people in the SEO/SEM community are talking about the recent article in the New York Times titled: "The Dirty Little Secrets of Search".

Facebook Updates its Advertising Using Content from Users
February 14, 2011
When it comes to advertising, it's said that there is usually nothing better than the strategy of word of mouth. Hearing about a product or a service from a trusted friend or even an acquaintance is likely to help you drop your resistance to that item and open your wallet or pocketbook. As in the real world (brick and mortar), many businesses on the web are also looking for a way to leverage word of mouth for advertising purposes and one of the newest companies which is rolling out word of mouth to the masses is Facebook.

Ad Preview Tool Announced from Google
February 08, 2011
Google understands that what drives its business is advertising. For years they have worked diligently to do all they can so that businesses may get a return on their investment when they use their AdWords service. AdWords, as SEO/SEM professionals already know, focuses on keywords.

Google Moving Against Content Farms. What Does This Mean for SEO?
January 31, 2011
There's been quite some news recently regarding Google. First off, you've probably heard that CEO Eric Schmidt will be moving into the role of Executive Chairman while, co-founder Larry Paige will be CEO. But besides big news such as this, another news "shoe" dropped as well last week with Matt Cutts who is Google's Principle Engineer stating that Google will be actively making an effort to reduce spam from its rankings - specifically spam created by content farms. So what is spam created by content farms and how does this affect SEO and SEM professionals?

Grow Your Local Business with Google Boost
January 24, 2011
When it comes to advertising on the web, you'll be hard pressed to find a service better for the average web business than Google's PayPerClick AdWords. Google has revolutionized the way web users and web sites connect - making it not only relatively affordable for just about any business on the web to attract views (impressions), but also level the playing field against huge corporations in many ways.

Cutting Corners on SEO? Google Is Stepping Up Enforcement of Its Policies
January 17, 2011
SEO and SEM is always a game of cat and mouse with the big search engines. Professionals in the industry are always trying to determine the strategies that can help them place a website at the top of the rankings and deliver more traffic and business. While the vast majority of SEO and SEM professionals are considered "white hat" using tools and strategies that are ethically sound and that conform to the major search engines quality guidelines and policies, there are individuals that do cut corners and to some extent use whatever means necessary to rig the game against the search engines in their favor (we'll call this black hat).

Optimize Your Site, Optimize Your Location
January 10, 2011
You probably already noticed that Google is spending tremendous resources and real estate space on its results pages to show both traditional search results along with location based results using its product Google Maps. Google Maps has grown in leaps and bounds not only for those using mobile phones and tablets, but for those searching at home. If you are a SEO/SEM professional, it's critical you take note of how location is changing how the major search engines are delivering and ranking results.

To Rank Well in Google - Follow Google's Guidelines & Utilize Its Resources
January 04, 2011
When it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Google is definitely the site most professionals are trying to attract attention from. With the vast majority of the population using Google's search engine and vast array of other services to find information, research products & services and ultimately make purchases, there is no doubt that Google absolutely has a big say on whether a business or site succeeds on the web. This is why, it is important not only to keep up to date with what Google deems acceptable web behavior, but to look closely at their guidelines to ensure that your site/business doesn't do anything that can cause the Big G to flag and penalize you.

Are You Optimizing for Bing?
December 16, 2010
While Google often gets the accolades and the spotlight, Microsoft's Bing has really become over the last couple of years a highly respectable and capable search engine. While many SEO and SEM professional focus enormous resources on Google, it may well be worth the effort to also focus on Bing as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should optimize for Bing and some tips on doing so

Facebook to Roll Out A New Profile Page
December 09, 2010
Facebook is continuing to grow in leaps and bounds and keeping this social networking giant interesting and fresh is one of its priorities. On December 5, it was announced that FaceBook will now offer a spruced up new profile page giving users a cleaner interface and offering a better way for users to present themselves to this digital community. Here are just a few key points regarding the new profile which is now available to all users.

RockMelt- The New Social Browser
November 24, 2010
There has been a lot of buzz recently on the web regarding the release of a new browser. While there are usually several new browser releases each year, this one is by Marc Andreesen, who is well known for co-founding the wildly successful and first mainstream browser Netscape. With Marc Andreesen's name behind the latest browser, many are interested in knowing whether this idea is another game-changing piece of technology.

Google Announces Instant Previews
November 17, 2010
With Google experiencing plenty of competition on all fronts including competition from Bing, Yahoo and Facebook, Google is looking to innovate their search product offering giving users the very best experience possible. While almost all will agree competition is great, the speed at which Google is offering new products, rolling out new features and changing some of the core ways it searches the web can be headache-inducing for those in the SEO and SEM industry. The latest offer by Google is its Instant Previews.

The New Twitter Roll Out
November 09, 2010
For those of us that rely on social networking sites for marketing your websites, products, services and brand names Twitter can obviously be a boon. While not for everyone, Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and today is at the pinnacle of social networks on the web.

Thinking About Facebook Ads? Some Information to Know
October 29, 2010
While many are already using Google's pay per click product AdWords, Facebook.com also offers a way to reach out to current and potential fans in order to grow your brand and sell your products or services. Facebook has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and today shows real promise in helping businesses and organizations reach vast amounts of online users. Whether you are already using Facebook Ads or are interested in this powerful tool, here are some tips on how to maximize this endeavor.



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