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B.M.P. Affiliate Reaches $2 Million in Total Revenue Paid Out to Affiliate Marketers

Momentum for Leading B.M.P. Affiliate Accelerates as Affiliate Marketers Seek Greater Ways to Make Money

July 30, 2012; 07:56 AM

BestMediaPartners.com, the premier affiliate network which helps affiliates convert multimedia download traffic into real cash, today announced that it has surpassed $2M payout, increasing its market penetration by 60% percent over the last 12 months.  B.M.P. is the only affiliate marketing program on the internet that managed to achieve such a significant growth in little less than two years of operation.

The latest milestone highlights the company's strong devotion to provide their affiliates with everything they need to monetize their multimedia traffic.

“In a short span of time we have been able to penetrate deep in the market and reach such a high point in our business. We will continue to improve our affiliate program and further strengthen it to reach even bigger milestones," said Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director at BestMediaPartners.com.

The milestone illustrates the enduring power of the affiliate marketing, even during difficult economic times. As financial challenges persist around the globe, B.M.P.’s fast-paced registrations of new affiliates are a clear sign the affiliate marketing is booming big time. Forrester Research forecasts the affiliate marketing industry to reach $4 billion in annual revenues by 2014, driven by direct payouts to affiliate marketing websites.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate sales channel that, when done right, provides enormous value for advertisers' money and secures a steady income for millions of affiliates. B.M.P. Affiliate program’s main responsibility is to create profitable relationships between advertisers and affiliates, manage commission approvals, and provide reliable and sustainable terms to its affiliates who heavily rely on their payments.

It has been the legendary 24/7 support and feature-rich affiliate products that have kept B.M.P. Affiliate in its industry-leading market position.

"International markets present a strong growth opportunity for B.M.P. to capitalize on the power of the Internet to cross borders," added Sergio Fabi. "We will continue to expand our international presence to make resources widely available to global markets. Our next target is to step into the Chinese market which is four times bigger than the international.”

To find out more about B.M.P. Affiliate program, visit http://bestmediapartners.com/.

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About BestMediaPartners.com

BestMediaPartners is a fast growing Internet company, backed by venture investors from Silicon Valley and from the banking sector. It was established in early 2011. Our team is international and decentralized. In less than 2 years BestMediaPartners.com has become one of the rising players in the super competitive affiliate marketing world. We utilize our proven affiliate growth strategies to recruit new affiliate marketers to our program and increase productivity amongst current affiliate partners.  We manage our affiliate network with the highest level of professionalism, providing cutting-edge education, online tools and ad materials for our affiliates. We offer 24/7 phone, email, and chat support.


Sergio Fabi, Marketing Director

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype : sergiofabi78



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