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MailWasher Pro 6 Released with Improved Spam Blocking and New Look: Now with over 8 Million Users Worldwide

December 14, 2007; 06:44 AM

Christchurch, New Zealand (PRWEB) December 14, 2007 -- Firetrust Limited, provider of award-winning anti-spam and email security solutions, today announced their users number over 8 million and the latest release of MailWasher Pro 6, a uniquely designed spam filter tool that provides additional protection for businesses and home users from unsolicited and unwanted emails. The ever-increasing rise in spam has prompted both business users and consumers to desperately find a solution that can keep pace with spam as it rapidly evolves. MailWasher Pro 6 provides individual users with real time powerful anti-spam technology like the FirstAlert! global spam database and new intuitive learning tools to ensure spam blocking is accurate and efficient from the beginning of use.

"As spammers techniques continue to change and become more deceptive and dangerous, the best way to protect your inbox is with a combination of tools, from signature based solutions like FirstAlert! to the new intuitive learning tools in MailWasher Pro which are updated in real time to stop the latest types of spam," said Nick Bolton, CEO of Firetrust Limited. "Now as the email you receive changes, and the spam you receive evolves, MailWasher Pro gives you consistent maximum protection."

"In addition, MailWasher Pro's unique ability to remove spam before it gets to your computer has converted many users around the world. Over 8 million people now use MailWasher," says Mr Bolton. "Many of them find it becomes one of the most useful programs on their computer."
MailWasher Pro 6, Firetrust's next generation of award-winning anti-spam software, has evolved to a more intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use tool by providing a better email experience to users with the addition of updated anti-spam tools and a completely new look!

  • A new look not only improves the user experience, but in addition, the anti-spam learning tools are enhanced with the addition of Action buttons the user can quickly classify email as 'Spam' or 'Good'. MailWasher Pro quickly learns and delivers you a robust and efficient approach to controlling your spam problem.
  • FirstAlert! Users of MailWasher Pro software get a free year of FirstAlert!, a global network of users who actively report spam, with their purchase of MailWasher Pro. Users who interact with the database do so in real-time and any messages in the users email that correspond to identical fingerprints in the database are eliminated.

MailWasher Pro provides the easiest-to-use and most effective spam filter available. Unlike other anti-spam solutions, which are integrated into the e-mail client, MailWasher Pro works outside the e-mail client, so users benefit from its powerful protection without downloading unwanted messages or viruses. Users can preview and delete email before it gets to their computer.

By reviewing and deleting content at the e-mail server, users are protected from objectionable content including graphics, web bugs are rendered inactive, bandwidth is protected, and viruses and malicious scripts are stopped from spreading. Also, phishing emails show the fake URL in an email so the users can avoid being tricked in to thinking a phishing email is valid.

Presently, MailWasher Pro is available for stand-alone PCs and laptops. An enterprise version of MailWasher for use on server networks is available as an open source free product and plugs in to popular mail servers such as Sendmail, QMail and Microsoft Exchange.

System Requirements and Availability
MailWasher Pro is now available as a download from Firetrust's website at http://www.firetrust.com MailWasher Pro is priced at $37.00 for a single user-license with discounts available for volume licensing. A free 30-day trial version can also be downloaded from the site. MailWasher Pro minimum system requirements include Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. It is compatible with all POP3 e-mail programs, including, Microsoft Outlook™ and Outlook Express™, Netscape™ and Eudora™; AOL, IMAP, MSN and Hotmail e-mail accounts.

About Firetrust Limited
Established in 2000, Firetrust provides world-class e-mail security products for business and home users. Firetrust delivers solutions across the spectrum of inbox protection, including MailWasher Pro for unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam). The company is privately held and headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information, please visit http://www.firetrust.com

MailWasher® is a registered trademark of Firetrust Limited.

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