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MegaPath Launches Retail Site SSL to Allow Store Owners to Access and Manage Their Sites Remotely: Two Factor Strong Authentication Meets Strict PCI Compliance Requirements


Wednesday, October 10, 2007; 08:47 AM

COSTA MESA, Calif. (Business Wire EON) October 9, 2007 -- MegaPath Inc., the leading provider of managed IP data, voice and security services in North America, today announced MegaPath Retail Site SSL, which allows businesses to securely access in-store systems and applications from any Internet connected Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer. Retailers can now easily and cost-effectively manage operations remotely, accessing point of sale (POS) systems, viewing video surveillance and performing routine application maintenance and troubleshooting.

With MegaPath Retail Site SSL, retailers can access their POS system to monitor sales statistics, pricing, inventory and labor requirements and costs. As the first integrated MPLS and SSL VPN solution for the retail industry, MegaPath Retail Site SSL delivers strong authentication and helps ensure that business owners remain PCI compliant. Previously, retailers faced significant challenges trying to remotely access their in-store systems. Many Do-It-Yourself remote access solutions utilized static public IP addresses that could be easily identified and exploited. MegaPath Retail Site SSL is reducing the cost and complexity of remote access, while also eliminating the security issues created by previous generation solutions.

MegaPath Retail Site SSL allows customers to simply use their Internet browser to log into the distributed network (i.e. stores or restaurants) and begin accessing applications and resources. For retail customers who manage multiple locations, they can now view all store information and video footage remotely from a central location. MegaPath Retail Site SSL allows users to access their POS systems to view sales, inventory and labor reports, and change prices and menu information without going onsite. They can also log in to their Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and view surveillance footage to ensure that their locations are operating properly and that no physical security issues arise. They can also address in-store IT requirements by managing, troubleshooting and updating applications and systems without on-site support.

In addition to providing user access to applications in distributed locations, enterprises can take advantage of the service and provide remote access to its corporate resources. This enables business travelers and teleworkers to easily and securely check email, access the intranet or other internal applications while at the airport, home office or other remote location.

As a leading provider of managed IP services for businesses nationwide, MegaPath is focused on providing our customers with the ability to easily, reliably and securely access their critical business applications from anywhere, said Jim Cragg, President and Chief Operating Officer at MegaPath. Retail Site SSL is the latest MegaPath service to provide them with the flexibility to conduct their business on their terms without infrastructure or cost limitations. With MegaPath, customers are realizing that enterprise-class solutions are actually affordable and easy for them to deploy and use.

MegaPaths Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and security services enable todays businesses to remain competitive by lowering IP costs, increasing network security and enhancing worker productivity.

About MegaPath Inc.

MegaPath is the leading provider of managed IP communications services in North America. MegaPath leverages its wide selection of broadband connectivity, Virtual Private Networks, Voice over IP (VoIP) and security technologies to enable businesses to lower costs, increase security and enhance productivity. Businesses of all sizes can easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, branch offices, retail locations, mobile workers, and business partners.

To learn more about why over 22,000 companies have chosen MegaPaths managed IP data, voice and security services to improve their business communications, visit www.megapath.com or call 1-877-MegaPath (634-2728).



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