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GoDaddy.com Supports Opens Source Projects with $10,000 Cash Donations


Friday, March 23, 2007; 05:51 AM

GoDaddy.com is giving back to the Internet community by supporting open source applications with cash donations of $10,000 each.

Joomla, a Content Management System, and Simple Machines Forum, an online community forum, received the donations from GoDaddy.com to assist in further development of their applications.

"We are delighted that Go Daddy decided to donate to an open source project like Joomla," said Shayne Bartlett of Joomla.org. "It's refreshing to see a big tech company supporting Joomla's ambitions. Donations like Go Daddy's go a long way to covering resource costs and our continued success."

The open source community is founded on developers sharing code for the enhancement and further development of various applications. The projects are free to use. Anyone with the ability to program can customize or create new features for the product. Typically, open source projects are funded solely by donations from those who use or support the product. These initiatives need funding for everything from hardware purchases and testing to communication and development.

“We’re excited to see Go Daddy set this example,” said Amacythe, Project Manager of Simple Machines. “Hopefully, the financial support will inspire other big donations too.”

“The open source community really helped make the Internet what it is today,” said Warren Adelman, President and COO of GoDaddy.com. “These projects help millions of Web users everyday and we are grateful to groups like Joomla and Simple Machines for moving open source initiatives forward.”

Go Daddy® aids the open source community beyond financial contributions. One way is by offering a free one-year SSL Certificate to all open source projects that meet the requirements. Go Daddy also makes it easy to install a number of high quality open source applications within its Metropolis Hosting Community.

Metropolis Hosting Community is a shared-hosting resource center which allows users to pick and choose applications that will fit their needs. Metropolis also features a user review and feedback section, allowing individuals to interact with other hosting customers and share personal experiences regarding specific applications.

For more information about Joomla, visit http://www.Joomla.org

For more information about Simple Machines Forum, visit: http://www.SimpleMachines.org

For more information about Metropolis and free SSL Certificates, visit www.GoDaddy.com



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