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Marketing Article Website Partners with SEO Content Writers with First Marketing Article About Effective Methods of Social Marketing


Wednesday, March 7, 2007; 06:37 AM

Marketing Article and Tips Website, WebMarketingResource.org has partnered with SEO Content writers, GetContent.com. "This partnership with help provide great search engine marketing, SEO, social marketing and affiliate marketing articles and tips for the readers of WebMarketingResource.org". Said, Nick Stamoulis, Editor of the website. The first marketing article is about the Effective Methods of Social Marketing and can be found below:

There has always been a good deal of speculation over what makes a web site "sticky" in terms of repeat visitors, an important and strategic goal for any e-commerce or online marketing web site. Sales promotions, catchy copywriting, search engine friendly content with high keyword density, all go the distance when it comes to getting the all-important click. But, what keeps visitors coming back?

The answer is as inherent as human nature: Social Marketing. But, what does that mean exactly?

Many webmasters incorporate online community tools in their websites -message boards, discussion forums, and most recently, blogs. But some of these features only travel one-way. Blogs, for instance, are more of an online journal or diary where the visitor can read material that ranges from opinion to real-life adventures of a particular individual or organization representing the web site. While a reader might be able to leave a comment for feedback, this isnt quite the same thing as a free exchange of ideas or expression.

Message boards and discussion forums, on the other hand, allow for interaction between the company and its audience, as well as between site visitors. So do live chat events, for that matter, as do virtual classes and workshops. This is a step in the right direction if your goal is to simply engage social interaction. But, weren't we talking about social marketing?

Indeed, and when properly integrated, one naturally follows the other. While all of the above-mentioned tools and features will create an environment of online community comprised of members with a shared interest, that doesnt necessarily translate to social marketing. In fact, many administrators of these types of tools fail to implement some basic strategies to draw their targeted audience and keep them interested in returning. For that matter, they tend to use these tools as a platform for product or company announcements, instead of using them to promote the basic idea of social marketinggive something to your audience in order to get something back and reward them for doing it.

The following is a list of attributes to consider when utilizing social marketing for your audience. When used in combination, these strategies compliment each other for the optimum social marketing experience.

- Keep your content fresh with daily articles or new message board posts and encourage discussion.
- Offer related resources and information, such as articles or news feeds.
- Make your content available for syndication.
- Include cross-links to other related areas of your site, such as a book shelf or product catalog.
- Create bookmarks that lead to your home page or other sections.
- Provide photo galleries or video feeds.
- Recruit moderators from your pool of visitors.

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