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Internet Bar Code Printing Capability Now Available Through Software-as-a-Service from Unibar


Tuesday, February 27, 2007; 04:23 AM

Unibar's new e-BARZ PRO Service lets companies of all sizes take advantage of software-as-a-service (SAAS) to add bar codes to Web pages and electronic documents, including expense reports, merchandise return forms, guest registries, electronic tickets and coupons, applications, forms, invoices and other documents that will be printed, faxed or utilized in document imaging systems. e-BARZ PRO Service makes it extremely convenient and cost effective for companies to add bar coding because users don’t have to purchase, install or maintain bar code output software. Any printer that can output a Web page can print bar codes through the e-BARZ PRO Service, so the expenses of purchasing and maintaining separate bar code printers are also eliminated.

“Web-based bar coding is an excellent option for companies of all sizes who are concerned about the implementation costs and ongoing support requirements for traditional, hardware-based bar code printing systems,” said Unibar President Ted Kruse. “Handling bar code printing through software-as-a-service eliminates those concerns. With SAAS, companies only pay for what they need.”

e-BARZ PRO Service is available as an annual subscription. User can choose one of seven different pricing plans, which are based on monthly label generation. If label volume differs from expectations, customers can change their plan at any time with no penalty.

e-BARZ PRO Service is extremely easy to use and requires no client software. Electronic forms become bar code-enabled simply by adding an HTML command, and the e-BARZ PRO Service handles the rest.

The service provides all the features, functions and printer support of Unibar’s popular e-BARZ PRO software, which hundreds of companies use to add bar codes to Web pages and online documents, including printable tickets, coupons and forms. Web designers use it to easily embed bar codes dynamically in Web pages. e-BARZ PRO is compatible with common scripting languages such as Active Server Pages (.asp), Java Server Pages (.jsp), Perl, PHP and Cold Fusion.

Key features and benefits of the e-BARZ PRO Service include:

  • Support for many popular bar code symbologies, including Code 39, Code 128, U.P.C./EAN, UCC/EAN 128, Interleaved 2 of 5 and PDF417.
  • Support for Application Identifiers (AIs) and optional checksums.
  • User-selectable bar code height, density and ratio.
  • The option to print bar code information in text above or below the symbol.
  • Symbol rotation of 90º, 180º or 270º.
  • Output as JPG or PNG files.
  • Output from printer that can print a Web page. Most legacy documents printers can output bar codes with the e-BARZ Pro Service.
  • Thermal bar code and receipt printers are supported, but not required.

Unibar offers a complete family of bar code output solutions to satisfy different implementation preferences and budget requirements. There is a server-based version of e-BARZ PRO that organizations can purchase to give employees and business partners browser-based access to bar code printing capability. Other Unibar products include BARCODE 2000, a bar code label design and print output package optimized for UNIX and Linux platforms with special features to support XML and Oracle® applications; BARZ_OUT Pro for adding bar codes to documents in UNIX and Linux environments; X-BARZ to bar code-enable Microsoft® Windows® applications using ActiveX® and .NET controls; and WebLabel service for online compliance shipping label generation. More information about these products, including free trials and downloads, is available at www.unibar.com.



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