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Email Marketers Continue to Struggle with Image Rendering


Tuesday, February 27, 2007; 03:50 AM

The integrity of images across various browsers and email clients has long been a challenge for the email direct marketing community. But recently the Email Experience Council (eec), a professional Internet marketing email promotion organization working to promote the positive impact of email marketing efforts, released the results of its image rendering report disclosing dramatic figures.

The eec study examined 1,000 B2C and B2B email direct marketing messages and found an astounding 21 percent appeared completely blank when their images were stripped, or when image viewing was turned off, on various e-mail clients. The same report found that more than 70 percent of HTML email marketing senders struggled in developing email promotions that rendered properly on their subscriber's screen. This did not take into consideration mobile device viewing for permission email marketing campaigns.

To rectify this dilemma, Listrak gives its clients the ability to send mass email marketing messages in either HTML or text format dependent on the recipient's email client set-up and preferences. Listrak also gives customers the ability to segment their user email marketing campaign list based on user preferences at sign-up, with many opt-in email marketing professionals asking their subscribers for delivery preferences up-front.

"We strive to keep our email marketing solution not only up to par with current deliverability standards, but we also proactively address the potential conflicts our clients might face a year or more into the future," states Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak.

Listrak's targeted email direct marketing solution helps email marketers reach their customers and bypass the many deliverability obstacles they face. To learn more about the Listrak bulk email service, read email direct marketing articles, white papers and customer newsletter archives, visit www.listrak.com.



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