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Search Engine Optimisation A Waste of Time and Money, According to Warrington Web Works CEO


Tuesday, February 27, 2007; 05:22 AM

According to Anthony Fallon, CEO of Warrington Web Works, businesses who are using the latest distribution technologies, like RSS, writing content for the benefit of website visitors and the vast improvement in Google’s search technology means an end to chasing the lucrative top ten position of a search engine. He poses the question, “Is this the end for the SEO Industry?”

On Wednesday February 21st, Anthony Fallon sat down to write an article called “SEO Mind Crime” for Warrington Web Works, a site he authors to keep his readers up to date with the latest web 2.0 technologies. In the article he expresses his own opinions on why SEO is a waste of time and money.

The article was inspired by a meeting with a client from the previous day; the client had been quoted £15,000 ($29,000) for search engine optimisation services from another company touting for business. This company was guaranteeing a place in the top ten of Google for three years for popular industry keywords in the natural search results.

“Not even Google can guarantee that!” says Anthony Fallon. “You can’t just tell business owners what a waste of money SEO is, you have to prove it. The SEO industry has all the statistics they need to bluff the money out of the coffers of any business.”

In order to prove what a waste of time and money search engine optimisation is, Anthony sat down and wrote his article, “SEO Mind Crime,” relaying the story he had heard from his client. He posted his article on Wednesday afternoon and as a test he told his readers to search for “SEO Mind Crime” on Google over the coming days. They didn’t have to wait long.

By late Thursday afternoon, UK time, just 24 hours after posting the article appeared at positions 3, 4 and 6 on Google's first page. This out of 826,000 indexed pages, the ultimate proof why Search Engine Optimisation is no longer required in Web 2.0.

“Web 2.0 it’s all about your visitor,” Anthony added. “The new distribution technologies like RSS will get your message out there without any magic or manipulation of search results. The quality of Google’s Search technology is really coming on in leaps and bounds. If businesses can get in front of their customers without stuffing their content with keywords, it has to be a good thing. As for the SEO Industry, good riddance I say.”

For more information on the article and techniques using the latest technologies of Web 2.0, interested parties are encouraged to visit Anthony Fallon’s web site at http://www.warringtonwebworks.com

About Anthony Fallon

Anthony Fallon is the author of SEO Fools – The Link is Mightier Than The Keyword. He publishes and promotes Authority Websites through his Warrington Web Works website.



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