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New Web Application Lets Users Keep Their Finger on the Pulse of the Blogosphere


Now bloggers and blog readers can keep up on news and top blogs with a new Web application launched at www.Tagoon.com, which combines its own blogger ranking system with real-time Digg and Technorati stats integration.

Friday, February 23, 2007; 03:27 AM

A new online tool launched last month at www.Tagoon.com allows bloggers and blog readers to catch up on the latest popular posts and blogs, by integrating Digg and Technorati search capabilities into one site. Now users can monitor the blogosphere, or even their ranking as a blogger using the Tagoon blogger ranking system, from one location rather than taking the time to check multiple sites for real-time Digg stories and upcoming stories as well as popular Technorati tags, which update every few seconds with no need to refresh the page.

Tagoon.com enables users to search live blog content, and allows them to view embedded video content in blogs from YouTube directly through the Tagoon interface. Users can digg stories without leaving Tagoon and watch the Digg count change in real-time without refreshing the page, and can view additional information on blogs or the bloggers behind them.

In addition to benefits for blog readers, Tagoon offers a variety of services for bloggers themselves, including:

1. A blogger ranking system based on Technorati data, including banners and badges for bloggers to display their ranking.

2. Special ranking badges or awards for the top one thousand bloggers.

3. Bloggers can ping Tagoon directly whenever they update their blog.

The integration of both Digg and Technorati statistics and features makes Tagoon.com a blogger's one stop shop for monitoring the latest developments in the blogosphere, from the most popular bloggers and blogs to the latest hot news items making it to the Digg homepage, as well as allowing bloggers to monitor and share their own popularity with their readers.

About Tagoon.com

Tagoon.com is an online application which acts as a user's window to the blogosphere. Users of the site can monitor the blogosphere in real-time using Tagoon's front page diggMonitor, search both Digg and Technorati at the same time, and use Tagoon's own blog ranking system to find quality, recently-updated blog content across the Web. Live blog content, including embedded YouTube videos, can be searched and viewed right from within Tagoon's interface. The site was launched in January 2007 by Pascal Erdmann of TradeWell Ltd.

For additional information about Tagoon, please visit www.Tagoon.com, or contact Pascal Erdmann at +64 9 272 9002.



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