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ParkingSearch.com Releases "Web 2.0" Version of Its Popular Parking Spot Listing and Marketplace Web Site


Thursday, February 22, 2007; 05:23 AM

ParkingSearch.com today announced its next-generation "Web 2.0" version of its popular parking spot listing and marketplace web site. Interactive maps, responsive search listings and an improved email notification system are among the many new features that benefit anyone who owns a car.

ParkingSearch.com maintains a national database of parking spots that enable buyers or renters to locate spots with an easy-to-use web interface. Buyers can utilize the search engine to quickly locate available parking spots for sale or rent in their targeted geographical location(s). The site allows sellers to "post" their spot(s) for sale or rent.

"The problem is not necessarily with the supply of parking, but in knowing where to find it. The ParkingSearch.com web site empowers users with a set of tools and search capabilities to find parking spots in less time than it takes to buy a newspaper," said Stephen Sinclair, Jr., Co-Founder.

ParkingSearch.com "Puts the Breaks" on time often wasted searching through classified ads or generic listing web sites. The web site lists ads by sellers or renters for an annual fee.

According to an International Parking Institute study, $43 billion of the American economy comes directly from the parking industry. The study further notes that there is an estimated 105 million parking spaces in the United States, with twice the number of off-street parking spots than on-street. There is a real need for the service ParkingSearch.com provides: pinpointing parking spaces and rates for the two hundred million drivers on our roads today.

"There isn't another site out there that offers the resources available at ParkingSearch.com. Our licensees recognize a unique opportunity and are thrilled to begin a partnership," said Susan Sanford, VP of Sales.

Garage owners and operators currently use ParkingSearch.com to list their available parking locations. They benefit from national exposure in addition to having the capability of broadcasting special rates and offers through our subscription-based user Email Notification Program.

Property owners currently use ParkingSearch.com to list available parking for lease or sale in their buildings without incurring the costs of manually handling the marketing and distribution of this information to their tenants.

Municipalities use ParkingSearch.com to broadcast the availability of their facilities without incurring the costs of managing their own parking web site listings or building and maintaining their own web site.

"This new release of ParkingSearch.com enables users to quickly find parking and use tools to make their search and listing experience more engaging. After five years of providing these services on the web, our customers really drove this innovation," said Sinclair.

For more information, visit http://www.ParkingSearch.com .




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