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EarnersForum.com Launches Revolutionary Webmaster Marketplace and Auction Tools


Wednesday, February 21, 2007; 02:50 AM

Zydeca Media Group's www.EarnersForum.com, the fastest-growing webmaster forum on the Web, today launched a revolutionary webmaster marketplace. The marketplace connects webmasters globally, allowing them to buy, sell, and trade various Web properties and services. The new webmaster marketplace features custom tools targeted to buying and selling full websites, a new software application called Kaching!, allowing buyers and sellers to be notified instantly of new marketplace listings based on their preferences, and a premium membership program, all at half of the price of the industry-leading webmaster marketplace.

As a webmaster forum focused on teaching Web earners how to make more money, launching a unique platform to help webmasters buy, sell, or trade Web interests was a natural move. An extra emphasis is placed on the sale of full websites, with a collection of tools allowing buyers and sellers to hold private auctions with buyer verification, research backlink information, Whois data, and more about the site for sale.

The new webmaster marketplace also features a tool called Kaching!, which allows buyers and sellers to set preferences of listing types from the eight available marketplace categories that they're interested in. When new listings meeting those preferences appear in the marketplace, the user is "KACHINGed," or sent a notice with the ability to directly visit the individual auction listing. The tool ensures that buyers will be notified of auctions of interest before they expire, and allows sellers to reach more qualified buyers with a pre-determined interest in their auction.

The marketplace also offers a premium membership program, designed to offer perks to dedicated Earners Forum members that contribute to the site's success. Premium membership subscribers will receive a variety of perks, including bonus marketplace credits equal to 150% of the subscription price, a premium member badge on the forum, extra private message storage capacity, access to a private forum, and a free Earners Forum tee shirt.

About EarnersForum.com
EarnersForum.com is a popular webmaster forum and resource for those trying to monetize their websites. The community was launched July 1, 2006 by Lee Dodd, and is currently the fastest-growing start-up webmaster community on the Web, growing to over 5300 members and 80,000 posts in less than five months from its launch. The forum offers access to some of the top Web publishing earners as well as free tools for tracking backlinks and keyword rankings.

For additional information about Earners' Forum, or the new webmaster marketplace, visit www.EarnersForum.com/marketplace.



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