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Podtrac Announces the First Online Media Planning Service for Podcasts and Serial Video Clips


Wednesday, February 21, 2007; 07:15 AM

Podtrac, the leader in connecting podcasters and advertisers, today announced the Podtrac Media Planner, a new online service which demystifies advertising in podcasts and serial video clips by enabling the advertising industry to easily learn about audio and video podcasts, view demographics and reach, and sample more than 4000 audio and video podcasts including all of the top-ranked podcasts and serial video clips on iTunes. Podcasts consist of serial audio or video content produced by either established media companies or independent content creators. Consistent producers of audio and video content gather loyal audiences over time offering advertisers a compelling and predictable environment for reaching their targets.

Unlike one-off clips and one-hit wonders, the serial nature of audio and video podcasts provides advertisers a high level of predictability in determining the appropriate advertising context and audience composition for their brands, which often varies widely. The serial nature of audio and video podcasts provide both advertisers and audiences with predictability in the type, quality, length, periodicity, and format of serial online audio and video content. When cross referenced with the world’s largest and most detailed database of podcast listeners and viewers developed by Podtrac and indexed to Mediamark’s Survey of the American Consumer (MRI), podcasting and the Podtrac Media Planner offer advertisers advanced targeting and predictability regarding the specific attributes of audiences consuming each audio or video podcast.

To use the Podtrac Media Planner, advertisers log into Podtrac where they can search podcasts based on key word, content, or demographics, sort podcasts by reach or demographic fit (via the Podtrac Audience InsightsSM Survey indexed to Mediamark’s Survey of the American Consumer, MRI), build lists of podcasts which deliver desired audiences, and share the information with associates and clients. Based on specific advertiser interests and targets, Podtrac’s media experts, with their unique understanding of podcast advertising, can build a custom media plan that leverages and expands upon the initial podcast selections, as well as a campaign’s specific objectives. The service is free to advertising agencies and advertisers.

“Podcasting and serial video clips are the next wave of on-demand, creative, entertaining and informative programming. We are committed to make it easy to reach targeted audiences through advertising in audio and video podcasting and serial video clip content,” said Mark McCrery, Podtrac’s CEO and Co-founder. “The Podtrac Media Planner is the first one-stop venue for advertisers to learn about, research, and share podcast selections, demographics and reach, and is designed to provide agencies with the detailed information they need to advertise with confidence in quality serial audio and video content. Podtrac develops custom media plans, executes the campaign, and measures results,” said McCrery.

“The Podtrac Media Planner has been designed to enable advertising agencies to easily, quickly and from one location learn about and share information about podcasts and serial video appropriate for their advertiser’s brands,” said Robert Freeland, CTO and Co-Founder of Podtrac. “Supported by the Podtrac Verified Measurement System and Podtrac Audience Insights Demographics, the Podtrac Media Planner provides the opportunity for podcasts and serial video advertising to become a ‘must have’ part of advertising campaigns.”

The Podtrac Media Planner demystifies the process of advertising in audio and view podcast and quality serial user generated content by providing instant access to the world’s largest database of podcast demographics based on the Podtrac Audience Insights Survey, developed in conjunction with Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) and TNS Global from over 70,000 podcast listeners and viewers. Advertisers can search by category, content, Podtrac Content Rating, reach, audience composition and specific detailed demographics and behavioral profiles indexed to Mediamark’s Survey of the American Consumer. The Podtrac Media Planner provides one-click access to listen or watch podcasts and visit podcast websites. Advertisers can also receive a Podtrac Primer for inside information on what makes a podcast advertising campaign a success.

“Mediamark’s consumer data is valuable to advertisers in both traditional and new media by helping agencies evaluate the fit of a media property to their target audience," said Paul Gold, Vice President of Market Solutions at Mediamark Inc. “The Podtrac Media Planner makes it easy to evaluate specific podcast audiences with the application of data from MRI.”

About Podtrac

Podtrac is the world’s largest Podcast Advertising Network. Podtrac’s services for podcasters and advertisers provide the first complete systems for podcast advertising insertion and podcast measurement. Podtrac has developed the largest database of podcast demographics worldwide representing more than 22 million U.S. podcast listeners and viewers. Podtrac is privately held with headquarters in Washington D.C. and offices in New York. For more information contact Podtrac at: www.podtrac.com.



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