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Vyatta Releases Community Edition 2 of Open Source Router


Tuesday, February 20, 2007; 04:38 AM

Vyatta today announced that Vyatta Community Edition 2 (VC2) is now available for download from the Vyatta web site. VC2 is the latest freely-available, community-supported release of Vyattas open-source router/firewall product. In comparison to the previous release, VC2 delivers improved performance and hardware compatibility while enabling greater community innovation through its compatibility with Debian GNU/Linux.

Supported by the Vyatta Secret Society, a community of more than 10,000 users and developers, the Community Edition is distinct from Vyattas commercially-supported Subscription Edition. The Community Edition is intended to foster innovation as a testing ground for the very latest community-developed features, while the Subscription Edition is a commercial-grade release, focused on stable enterprise network operations. Vyatta recommends the Subscription Edition for all production deployments. As features are developed and stabilized in the Community Edition, they will be introduced and productized into the Subscription Edition for production deployment.

VC2 is the result of collaboration between Vyatta developers and the growing Vyatta community, said Dave Roberts, VP of strategy and marketing at Vyatta. VC2 represents a huge jump in capabilities and performance. In switching to a Debian-compatible foundation, VC2 lays the groundwork for increased community innovation and package integration capabilities. We think the Vyatta community will be pleased with this release.

Vyatta Community Edition 2 adds a number of new features to the community release, including:

  • Debian GNU/Linux compatibility -- Making VC2 the most configurable, customizable router/firewall on the planet
  • Improved performance -- Routing protocols will converge substantially faster, including BGP performance improvements of between 70 to 80 percent
  • Improved serial interface support -- VC2 adds support for multi-port T1/E1 and T3 cards (in addition to 1-port T1/E1)
  • Improved hardware detection and compatibility
  • Experimental support for multicast routing and IPv6


VC2 is now available for download from http://www.vyatta.com/download/. Future Community Editions will be released in ISO format twice yearly with intermediate updates providing new functionality. A more detailed guide to Vyatta features, including VC2, can be found at http://www.vyatta.com/documentation/.

About Vyatta

Vyatta is the ancient Sanskrit word meaning open a fitting name for a company that was created to bring commercial-quality, open-source networking products to market. Open source has created a profound change in the market place, shifting the balance of power from large corporations back to the users of products. Open source is about control, choice, and cost savings. Vyatta is bringing those qualities to the world of network infrastructure products. For more information, visit www.vyatta.com.



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