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EMT, in Fight Against Online Identity Theft, Launches SecureView, an Innovative Two-Factor Authentication Solution


Friday, February 16, 2007; 06:22 AM

EMT LLC (http://www.em-technology.net) has announced the launch of SecureView, an innovative two factor authentication solution that prevents identity theft by creating a secure channel of communication between a company's web applications and its clients. SecureView is virtually impregnable against all forms of identity theft attacks, including phishing, cross site scripting, man in the middle attacks, and all instances of malware.

“SecureView gives organizations offering online access a trusted mobile security solution which is inexpensive to deploy, extremely simple for their clients to use, and incredibly resistant to all forms of identity theft attacks, such as phishing and cross site scripting,” said Ramsey Jallad, CEO of EMT.

SecureView's innovative approach focuses on protecting the user's side of the connection to an organization's site. More specifically, it mitigates the risk of attack by focusing on the most vulnerable point of that connection, and a favorite attack vector for identity theft criminals: the untrusted browser.

Although many two factor authentication solutions claim to focus on securing the user side, they all still require the user to launch insecure and potentially compromised browsers that are installed on their terminals and subsequently travel over the open Internet before logging onto a secure portal. “Existing security solutions such as random number generating devices from RSA [NYSE:EMC] and challenge and response mechanisms only protect the user to a limited degree,” says John Terrill, CTO of EMT. “They don't effectively protect the user against malware and spyware that may be dormant on their computer, and the user could still easily fall victim to identity theft attacks such as phishing, cross-site scripting, and man in the middle attacks on the open web without ever knowing it. This is where SecureView excels: it offers total connection security,” says Terrill. [See White Papers from EMT about the impact of Cross Site Scripting and Man In the Middle Attacks].

SecureView is used by inserting a company-branded business card-sized disc or USB token into any computer, whether that computer is trusted or not. This action automatically launches a dedicated and encrypted viewer that takes the user directly to the company's SecureView-ready server, disallowing the user's ability to deviate from the path to that server. On the server side, the user is authenticated by matching the token plus a username/password combination with the corresponding information on the server-side.

It is the combination of the genuine two factor authentication process and the automatically launched data viewer that creates an exceptionally secure connection. This innovative process is totally unique to SecureView.

“SecureView is a highly dynamic and secure two factor authentication solution,” says Patrick Stach of security services provider Stach & Liu LLC (http://www.stachliu.com) . “Although there are many different identity management solutions available to the financial industry, SecureView is by far the most effective due to its simplicity, its cost effectiveness, and its reliance on proven cryptographic standards.”




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