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Room 214 Releases CastLock RSS Technology Platform


Thursday, February 15, 2007; 05:29 AM

Room 214 announced the latest release of its RSS technology platform, CastLock. This technology -- integrated with Room 214’s social media and search marketing expertise -- provides a comprehensive RSS marketing and promotions solution for companies seeking high search visibility.

“Most marketers are aware of RSS but don't understand how to integrate an RSS strategy into their overall marketing program. What they do know is the value of appearing on the first page of Google. High search visibility is only one benefit of CastLock. When combined with our promotion, development and search visibility services, CastLock’s technology allows us to provide our clients with a full-scale integration of promotion, distribution and tracking that revolutionizes online marketing,” explains Jason Cormier, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Room 214.

CastLock supports an information-demand shift in the way businesses pursue expert positioning, high search engine visibility, brand awareness, internal communications and customer loyalty.

With major media outlets such as USAToday.com and NYTimes.com reporting double-digit increases in their RSS subscriptions every month, there is growing recognition of the benefits RSS technology provides to consumers who are looking for news and information on a real-time basis. Some of these benefits include:

1. Greater control of online marketing and distribution of corporate content (written, audio and video) to consumers who are asking for it
2. Dramatic increase in search engine visibility when content is syndicated and regularly updated
3. Spam-free alternative to effectively delivering newsletters, promotions, press releases, articles, training, company updates and more
4. Increased sales and customer retention

Room 214 is a unique search engine marketing and social media agency, bridging the gap between web-enabled technologies, corporate communications and brand marketing for clients that include Alltel Wireless, Sciona, Vive!, Rocky Mountain Herbals and Best Promotions. Founders James Clark and Jason Cormier have a combined 35+ years experience in web development, online marketing and public relations.

Room 214 services include:
- Web Development
- Search Engine Optimization
- Custom Blog Development
- Syndicating Press Rooms
- Podcast Consulting, Production and Promotion
- Social Media Campaign Strategy/Execution
- Pay Per Click Marketing
- Optimized Press Releases
- Online Article Marketing
- Email Marketing
- RSS Marketing
- Online Reputation Management
- Web Analytics and Reporting

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