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Magic Software Introduces Three Editions of eDeveloper Product Targeting Different Developer Needs


Wednesday, February 14, 2007; 08:53 AM

Magic Software Enterprises eDeveloper version 10 offers developers of applications at every point on the complexity spectrum editions of the product that will meet their specific needs.

    eDeveloper is now available in three different editions:

    - eDeveloper Studio Discovery edition can be downloaded free-of-charge
      from the Magic Software website (www.magicsoftware.com/eDeveloper) .
      This introductory edition lets developers new to Magic Software's
      offering explore the product's capabilities to develop and deploy basic
      Windows client and Web applications.  It is appropriate for use by
      students, new developers, and those developing applications for personal

    - eDeveloper Xpress edition is designed to meet the needs of users
      developing and deploying small- to mid-scale desktop and Web
      applications that are based on either Pervasive or MySQL tables.
      eDeveloper Xpress is affordable for small- and home-office developers.

    - eDeveloper Enterprise edition delivers the full range of the product's
      capabilities.  Using eDeveloper Enterprise, users can create large-scale
      client/server or Web applications, as well as service-oriented
      architecture (SOA)-enabled applications.  The enterprise edition
      supports all native database gateways, version control, and the built-in
      report generator.

Amit Ben-Zvi, VP Marketing and Products, notes, "With the availability of these three editions, application developers at all levels and in all types of organizations are now able to take advantage of eDeveloper's capabilities to design and deploy applications quickly at a level of functionality and cost that matches their needs. We are especially enthusiastic about the free-of- charge Discovery edition that provides students and those new to software application development with a great introduction to the benefits of using Magic's rules-based framework."

About eDeveloper

eDeveloper is Magic Software's metadata-driven, rules-based platform and development framework. The Magic Software toolset supports, and can share, resources across environments allowing developers to build, expand, and modernize applications. Magic Software's development paradigm is based on a pre-compiled engine suited for data-based business tasks; a declarative programming methodology; a repository of basic application modules for easy reference and re-use; and a rich complement of generic services and functions configured and invoked at run-time. With eDeveloper, developers simply invoke and configure a set of inter-related operations based on their needs.

About Magic Software Enterprises

Magic Software Enterprises (Nasdaq: MGIC - News) has been a leader in enterprise application development, deployment and integration technology for more than two decades. The company's service-oriented platform is used by companies worldwide to develop, maintain, and deploy both legacy and new business solutions, while integrating these applications across both internal and external, heterogeneous environments. Magic Software's platform-independent methodology lets companies achieve agility by quickly assembling composite applications, allowing programmers to create services and architects and business analysts to orchestrate and reuse these services to enable business processes. Through partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM and SAP and more than 2500 ISVs worldwide, Magic Software technology is used by more than 1.5 million customers around the globe.

For more information on Magic Software Enterprises and its products and services, visit www.magicsoftware.com.



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