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The Kapow Mashup Server Powers Enterprise Mashups of Intranet Data and the World Wide Web


Wednesday, February 14, 2007; 03:51 AM

Kapow Technologies today announced the general availability of version 6.2 of the Kapow Mashup Server, a set of patent-pending technologies that enable companies to collect, connect and mashup everything on corporate intranets as well as the World Wide Web.

In the increasingly competitive global economic environment, companies are driven to optimize every possible part of their businesses, which often requires ad-hoc access to data hidden inside intranet and Internet applications to create business "mashups" or dashboards for optimal decision making. But today, approximately 99% of the content, data and business logic is out of reach for most web application development and integration projects.*

The Kapow Mashup Server, the only enterprise-class solution on the market today, gives developers and other Web-savvy users of web mashup tools, such as IBM QEDWiki and Yahoo Pipes, access to the 'rest of the data' via a unique visual scripting platform. Utilizing a host of Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS, ATOM, REST, and SOAP-based web services, any application component with a Web interface can be quickly and easily repurposed using the Kapow Mashup Server into easy data-access API's. In most cases, tasks that would take days using other scripting languages can now be done in minutes, purely through visual point-and-click techniques.

Over the past few years, the Kapow Mashup Server has become a new lightweight services and mashup standard among Internet-intensive businesses in the areas of media, financial services, travel, manufacturing and information services firms (background checking, information providers, etc.). Once companies see the benefits of mashups inside the enterprise, they will often leverage the Kapow Mashup Server to build dozens of mashups for SOA enablement, automated data migration, content validation, and portal integration of Web content.

What's New in Version 6.2

The Kapow Mashup Server makes it possible to access data or content from any browsable application or website, both within an enterprise environment, or on the World Wide Web. The core functions of The Kapow Mashup Server enable developers to:

     - Connect - Turn intranet/Internet applications and API's into reusable
       data sources, by wrapping them with industry-standard API's, such as
       RSS, ATOM, SOAP and REST.
     - Collect - Kapow Technologies' visual programming style allows the
       collection of web content from multiple sources in a programmatic way,
       which ultimately takes a fraction of the time and money compared to
       other methods.
     - Mashup - Kapow provides the foundation for mashable components,
       repackaging any data and application source into industry-standard
       API's, that can be consumed by every major mashup building technology,
       such as QEDWiki, Yahoo Pipes, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, .NET and

In Version 6.2, Kapow Technologies has added RSS and ATOM feeds, which are becoming increasingly important to more effectively disseminate critical internal or web-based information to targeted users and communities. A common example of RSS is providing employees with automated and instantaneous updates when monitored content of targeted websites changes. Another example is deploying a Kapow robot to monitor Salesforce.com, which then sends an RSS feed to a sales rep's cell phone when a new sales lead appears in his territory, or the status of a sales order changes.

Version 6.2 also offers improved web clipping capabilities for web pages that use javascript and flash components, full support for the Firefox browser, and new methods to find and collect content from Excel spreadsheets anywhere in the enterprise. This is typically the most cost-effective to repurpose existing application and data into business critical portal content.

Developers interested in exploring the power of the Kapow Mashup Server 6.2 can join openkapow, the world's first online mashup building community, at www.openkapow.com. Enterprises looking to use Web 2.0 technologies to gain a competitive advantage through radical productivity gains can get started at www.kapowtech.com.

About Kapow Technologies

Kapow Technologies (www.kapowtech.com) is a market leader in Mashup Serving, Feed Serving and Web Scraping software that enables companies to deploy content-intensive applications, such as enterprise mashups and Web 2.0 services, at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional software methods. Because of these benefits combined with the company's patented, unique visual scripting approach, Kapow Technologies is one of the fastest- growing software firms in the world, with more than 200 customers including Global 2000 firms such as AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CSFB, Intel, Vodafone, U.S. Army, Audi and DHL. The company also serves Web 2.0 startups including SimplyHired and Momondo. Partners such as BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle make Kapow Technologies their top choice for projects including data collection, content migration, as well as the enablement of mobile applications and service oriented architectures.

*According to Programmable Web, there are 374 publicly available APIs, which, in the best case, is an API per site. In February, Netcraft measured 108,810,358 web sites on the Internet.




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