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WhiteHat Security Webinar to Discuss Top Vulnerabilties Facing Businesses on the Web


Tuesday, February 13, 2007; 02:55 AM

Studies show that the majority of all computer attacks are now targeting public websites, including some of the biggest and most reputable brands on the Internet. Until now, there has been limited information available about the most prevalent and most severe vulnerabilities that are facilitating the growing number of attacks.

On Wednesday, February 14 at 11:00 a.m. PST (2 p.m. EST), WhiteHat Security CTO and Founder Jeremiah Grossman will conduct a "live" webinar to present findings from WhiteHat Security's Web Application Security Risk Report. Based on WhiteHat's aggregate data from hundreds of web application assessments, Mr. Grossman's presentation will provide a first-of-its-kind look at the top vulnerabilities that attackers are exploiting across the Web.

  In this live presentation, Grossman will:
    * Identify and discuss the top ten website vulnerabilities;
    * Define the severity levels of web application vulnerabilities; and,
    * Present strategies for complete website vulnerability management.

Joining Grossman will be Justin Schuh, Application Security Practice Lead, Neohapsis. Schuh will provide attendees with best practices for integrating security into an organization's software development lifecycle. Schuh will leverage Neohapsis's experience in assessing numerous applications and software development teams across a range of industries to provide attendees with real-world advice for doing business in an environment where attacks are increasing in frequency and severity.

  Specifically, Schuh will:

    * Present strategies for incorporating security into your development
    * Identify training to improve the effectiveness of your developers;
    * Discuss how security code reviews are employed most effectively.

To register, visit https://whitehatsec.market2lead.com/go/whitehatsec/whksr1. Attendance is limited to the first 100 registrants. All registrants will receive a copy of WhiteHat's Web Application Security Risk Report.

Mr. Grossman is a world-renowned expert in website security and a founding member of the Web Application Security Consortium. He is a frequent speaker at industry events including RSA, BlackHat Briefings, ISACA's Networks Security Conference, NASA, the Air Force and Technology Conference, ISSA and Defcon. Prior to WhiteHat, Mr. Grossman was an information security officer at Yahoo!

Justin Schuh is an established expert in the field of software security and coauthor of "The Art of Software Security Assessment." Prior to Neohapsis, Mr. Schuh worked in computer security activities at the Department of Defense and related agencies, including a lead research position at the NSA Red Team.

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