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Ektron Offers Enhanced Certified Training Program for CMS400.NET Users


Tuesday, February 13, 2007; 03:34 AM

Ektron, Inc., a technology and market leader in web content management software, today announced a two-day Ektron Certified System Administrator Training Program designed for webmasters, web administrators and IT staff responsible for their corporate websites. Certified training courses will be held twice a month at the company’s training facility in Amherst, N.H.

The workshop is designed to provide website administrators with a deeper understanding of how Ektron CMS400.NET can maximize corporate web content. The curriculum will highlight best practices, user management and core capabilities, including content creation and management, document management, metadata, search, taxonomy, blogs, forums and Ektron Markup Language. CMS400.NET users will learn to:

  • Install CMS400.NET
  • Optimize frequently-used administrator and end-user tasks
  • Develop advanced website pages with Visual Web Developer
  • Train end-user staff to create, publish and manage web content, documents and multimedia assets

“At Ektron, we are very focused on positioning our customers and partners for success with their web projects, and we’ve rolled out a number of resources.” said Ed Rogers, chief operating officer, Ektron. “Similar to the DevCenter, Local User Groups and Certified Web Developer Training, the certified training program will enable users to achieve their web content management goals as part of their overall objectives,” said Ed Rogers. “This new system administrator course broadens our offerings to serve the group of users who interact with CMS400.NET most often. We pride ourselves at being close to what our customers demand and are confident that this training will exceed their web content requirements.”

For more information about registering for Ektron Certified System Administrator Training and to see a full schedule of classes, visit www.ektron.com/certified.

About Ektron

Ektron’s web content management and authoring solutions are affordable for any organization and simple enough for anyone to use, yet offer webmasters, designers and developers all the tools they need to create, deploy and manage interactive web, intranet and extranet sites in one platform. With Ektron CMS400.NET, companies can do what they want on the Web, including developing rich sites for personal, two-way communication with visitors, building community through memberships, blogs and forums, and attracting more repeat visits using RSS feeds and web alerts to increase business opportunities. An open API allows for easy customization and extension. Ektron is headquartered in Amherst, N.H., and has more than 18,000 customer implementations worldwide, including Unilever, Intel and Pfizer. For more information, visit http://www.ektron.com.



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