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Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 Goes Gamma


Monday, February 12, 2007; 07:13 AM

Yahoo! Inc. today launched a new gamma version of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0, a month after the popular new service initially launched in beta. The new gamma version features the ability for consumers to search directly from maps and share oneSearch results, news articles and the service directly with friends.

Yahoo! Go 2.0 is an innovative new application that redefines the mobile Internet experience for consumers through a unique product design, ability to personalize with content from the entire Internet and a reinvention of mobile search. The service will be supported by more than 100 mobile phones. Yahoo! Go 2.0 has generated more than 400,000 requests to receive the download from consumers around the world in the first month, demonstrating the strong consumer interest in this new service.

"The enthusiastic response to Yahoo! Go 2.0 has exceeded even our own expectations. For the first time consumers have the full power of the open Internet in their pockets and that is changing the mobile game," said Marco Boerries, senior vice president of connected life, Yahoo!. "and Yahoo! intends to be the number one player globally."

Key features of Yahoo! Go 2.0 include:

-- Search reinvented for mobile consumers - oneSearch recognizes the intent of a search term and presents relevant content - not just a list of web links to PC sites - on the results page. Results are grouped by subject making it easy to read through and drill down to get more details.

-- Be local, no matter where you are - The Local & Maps widget gives consumers quick access to comprehensive local directory information for businesses across the US, enhanced with ratings and reviews from the millions-strong Yahoo! community. Interactive maps feature the ability to directly search for local businesses, get driving directions and real time traffic updates.

-- Rich, highly personalizable content from millions of sources - Current headlines and a breaking news ticker in the News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather and Finance widgets keep consumers connected to the information that matters to them. Consumers can customize to receive content from the millions of sources on the Web that publish in RSS.

-- Photo sharing keeps consumers connected to their community - The Flickr(TM) widget integrates one of the Web's most innovative and prolific photo-sharing communities, making it easy for consumers to upload(1) and manage images from their camera phone. Consumers can also easily share photos, view their friends' pictures and browse or search the millions of images.

-- Streamlined e-mail keeps consumers in sync - The E-mail widget allows consumers to quickly respond to, delete or compose new messages or view attachments with a single click - all automatically synchronized with their Yahoo! Mail account in real time.

The new gamma version of Yahoo! Go 2.0 also includes display ads from major global advertisers. The advertisements will run in several of the Widgets, near the top of the page. Consumers will be able to click on these interactive ads to directly call the advertiser or to learn more information about the advertiser's offer.

For more information on Yahoo! Go 2.0, including the mobile phones that are currently supported, go to: http://go.yahoo.com. Yahoo! Go 2.0 is the next generation of the service that launched for Symbian and Windows Mobile phones in 2006.



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