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Automatic Defragmenter Diskeeper 2007 Now Compatible with Vista, Ensuring Maximum Performance


Monday, February 12, 2007; 03:55 AM

Diskeeper Corporation announces that its award-winning defragmentation software called Diskeeper2007, is now compatible with Windows Vista. Diskeeper 2007 is the first truly automatic defragmenter which defragments files on the go without any impact on the system. As soon as fragmentation occurs, Diskeeper 2007 steps in using only idle system resources to make it a perfect partner to keep the new Vista file system at maximum performance.

With the new Diskeeper 2007 defragmentation software, innovative new technology called InvisiTasking™ allows you to defragment your computer automatically. This means that all you have to do is simply install the software and Diskeeper 2007 will do the rest. This is a major advancement from previous defragmenting software, where even though the software has worked in the background you still had to schedule it to defrag your computer. Other benefits of Diskeeper 2007 for Vista include:

  • New real-time defragmentation automatically and transparently handles fragmentation as it occurs providing maximum system performance at all times.
  • I-FAAST™ 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) dramatically increases file access by up to 80% above and beyond the improvement of defragmentation alone.
  • Terabyte Volume Engine™ 2.0 - Powerful defragmentation for high capacity & high traffic servers with disk volumes containing hundreds of thousands to millions of files (e.g. NAS, RAID, and SAN). Also allows unobtrusive, thorough free space consolidation on busy 24/7 servers.
  • Automatic online directory consolidation boosts anti-virus scans and back-up speed. Every system will benefit from Diskeeper 2007. A site-wide Diskeeper installation will improve performance and reliability on all systems.

For more information on Diskeeper, visit http://www.DiskeeperEurope.com.



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