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SearchUK Launch an Internet Resource for Webmasters


Friday, February 9, 2007; 06:45 AM

If a webmaster does nothing else to promote their business, this is the most important step of getting it indexed and ranked by the heavy-hitters of search engines. SearchUK have picked the 66 most important search engines, those that filter results across the board. For example, Google filters to the Yahoo search engine. Search listings in Google will show up in Yahoo as well, thus it is not necessary to pay the exorbitant fees that Yahoo charges for guaranteed placement.

SearchUK will submit a site to the most relevant search engines that will filter the listing across the board.

Need some tips? The SearchUK website contains a list of things a webmaster can do to help boost a website to the top of search results following submission:

1. Use a keyword research tool to find profitable phrases (i.e. those that are actually being searched for). SearchUK can suggest a good one.

2. Build each page optimized for a single keyword phrase. Also sprinkle in some secondary keywords relevant to the main keyword.

3. Link a web site together so that all pages are only a couple of clicks away from the homepage.

4. Use text links instead of fancy graphics or buttons to link to your pages.

5. When a link is added to a page where the main keyword phrase for that page is "blue widgets", the webmaster should make sure the links to that page include the phrase "blue widgets".

6. Build a sitemap.

7. Add articles/content to a web site and add links from these articles to the important pages.

8. Get quality link partners.

Again, even if nothing else is done, submitting a website to the most relevant search engines will get it listed on hundreds, if not thousands of search engines. That's where SearchUK comes in.

Full details of the services offered can be found at www.SearchUK.biz .



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