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ByIndia.com Sees 800% Growth in Registrations Since Start of $5M Sweepstakes


Wednesday, February 7, 2007; 04:06 AM

In one week since launching India’s first $5 million dollar Internet sweepstakes, Web2Corp's ByIndia.com has seen a better than 800% growth in weekly registrations to its popular social networking sites, according to the company. The increase in registrations is due both to current users being presented the first opportunity and new traffic driven to the site by the promise of a chance to win the sweepstakes.

“It looks like the majority of the registrations have initially come from the site’s current user base,” says Bill Mobley, CEO of Web2Corp. “These users are now registering for other services provided by our popular Indian search engine. Plus we are now seeing a wave of new registrations from geographically targeted promotions throughout India.

“We’ve bought high-profile advertisements on other heavily trafficked Indian sites like the Times of India and the Economic Times to increase our direct exposure in India, and we’re just starting to see the effects of that. We’re thrilled that we’ve finally been able to convert so many of our regular users into members of ByIndia.com and look forward to seeing them contribute to our growing network of blogs, personal homepages and social photography and video sites."

ByIndia.com started its sweepstakes on January 26, 2007, which gives every new registrant to ByIndia.com a virtual ticket with a number that gives the holder a chance at winning 5 million dollars (USD). Registering at ByIndia.com will allow users to post auctions, video, classifieds, blogs and personal web pages, providing the user with the power of eBay.com, YouTube.com, Craigslist.com, Blogger.com, and MySpace.com all in one India-specific web portal.

Although each registration is limited to one free entry, users will be able to refer up to 10 friends to ByIndia.com. If a referred friend signs up, the user gets an additional entry for each of those friends who register. Each month for 1 year (unless a winner is drawn earlier), ByIndia.com will host a drawing for those with virtual tickets to check if their numbers won them $5 million dollars (USD).

Every member who signs up will be entered in a monthly drawing for 3 iPod Shuffles, which are offered in addition to the Grand Prize. Winning an iPod Shuffle will not remove that number from eligibility to win the Grand Prize. Web2Corp has already drawn 3 iPod winners for the month of January and will announce their names later on this week.

For more information on ByIndia or the ByIndia.com 5 Million Dollar (USD) Sweepstakes, visit www.ByIndia.com.

For more information on Web2Corp or to see Web2Corp’s Safe Harbor Act Disclaimer Notice, go to www.Web2Corp.com.



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