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Delivering Key Web Metrics to Internet Marketing Customers: VKI Studios Partners with Omniture


Tuesday, February 6, 2007; 06:42 AM

Internet marketing and web usability firm, VKI Studios, today announced its partnership with the leading provider of website analytics and online business optimization software, Omniture.

VKI has long recognized the importance of web analytics and statistics in understanding customer needs, spotting trends and conducting business efficiently online. Gone are the days when merely increasing website traffic was viewed as a success. Today's Internet marketing clients are rightly demanding much more: lower costs, higher conversion rates, improved web usability.

By partnering with Omniture -- the leading provider of web analytics and business optimization software -- VKI now possesses the precise tools their clients need to ensure website optimization. Armed with key web metrics, VKI's clients are much better equipped not only to fine-tune their sales, marketing and pricing practices, but also to guide product development and manage their supply chain and inventory.

VKI Studios, founded in 1998, has long been regarded is a leader in Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and web development. In recent years, they have expanded their services and developed respected expertise in both web usability and web analytics. Partnering with Omniture is the latest evidence of VKI's vision: providing their clients with all the tools required to achieve total website optimization.




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