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Wordtracker Launches Free Keyword Suggestion Tool


Wednesday, January 31, 2007; 04:20 AM

Wordtracker has launched a free keyword suggestion tool to help website owners and managers optimize their websites so that they appear higher in search engine results.

The free tool is available as a free keyword suggestion tool and gives webmasters up to 100 keywords a time.

Keyword research is an essential first step in any online marketing activity and the new tool from Wordtracker has been designed to allow webmasters to quickly, and easily, brainstorm initial keyword ideas. This handy reference tool is suitable for boosting organic search performance and getting a better return on investment (ROI) from pay-per-click campaigns (PPC).

"Keywords are simply the words people use when they search. Incorporate those words into your website copy and your position in search engines results will rise -- often dramatically -- and that means more sales online," Mike Mindel, CTO and co-founder of Wordtracker.

"There is a gap in the market for this type of tool and as Wordtracker provides the most popular paid-for keyword service on the web it made sense to create this service," Mindel continued.

"Our strength has always been providing in-depth analysis that allows marketers to get to understand customer behaviour online. We're confident that once people see the benefits of initial keyword research, they will realise that this is a profitable marketing resource that they simply can't do without," he added.

Wordtracker is a privately owned London business that started in 1997 and provides keyword research services to search engine marketing professionals and website owners worldwide




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