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Strategy Software's New Web Application Helps Organizations Manage News


Friday, January 26, 2007; 06:59 AM

Strategy Software, Inc., an industry leader in developing services and software solutions for managing news and competitor information, today announced the introduction of NewsRoom(TM)V.2.

NewsRoom(TM)V.2 is a tool designed to help organizations continually monitor competitor and industry news right when the news is published. This eliminates the need to manually visit and revisit websites to see if anything new has been published. With NewsRoom, organizations can use the news collected to create content specific newsletters to an internal audience. Auto-formatted newsletters and alerts can be sent to specific employees or entire departments when information is critical. Unlike aggregators of press releases, NewsRoom can also create v-sources by converting regular web pages into monitored news feeds. Using proprietary technology, web pages such as investor relation pages, press release pages, or company bio pages can be emailed automatically as syndicated hyperlinks, for any webpage. In addition, keyword filters can be used to set alerts on certain blogs to give signal to anything critical information.

NewsRoom is a Web Application that is either installed on a server of the client or hosted by Strategy Software, Inc. The two major roles that play into NewsRoom are the publisher and the reader. The publisher decides what news sources are of interest, what news items are worthy of sharing, what category they belong to and other general application administration. The reader is given permission to visit the NewsRoom portal, but is not able to administer NewsRoom. The reader is allowed to skim the published news summaries, drill down to the original and full news item, or download attached documents

"Beyond monitoring, organizations want to prioritize the news they're tracking," said Matthew Kelly, VP of Business Development for Strategy Software, Inc. "They want the ability to filter through the news and determine what is important to them, quickly and efficiently. NewsRoom gives organizations these capabilities, and more.

To learn more about NewsRoom, visit www.StrategySoftware.com/prod_nrv2.html .

About Strategy Software, Inc.

Strategy Software is a leader in competitive information management, with 10 years experience, and delivering solutions and services to over four hundred companies. Strategy Software offers a comprehensive suite of Competitive Market Research and Information management tools to help companies easily organize information about their unique competitive environment then quickly produce up-to-date, useful reports to help increase sales, improve marketing, close more deals, and succeed in whatever specific goals the organization is trying to meet. For more information about Strategy Software, call (425) 212-4347 or visit www.StrategySoftware.com .



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