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Cbeyond's New Innovative Voicemail Service Merges Mobile and Landline Voice Messaging into One Easy-to-Access Voicemail Box


Thursday, January 25, 2007; 04:10 AM

Cbeyond, Inc., a managed services provider to small businesses and a leader in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), today announced its new Integrated Voicemail service, which merges the companys mobile and landline voice messaging into one easy-to-access voicemail box. This new service includes a unified messaging feature, which allows customers to access and manage their voice messages from their email inbox.

Cbeyond offers more than 20 software-based applications to its customer base of more than 27,000 small businesses. Its core package BeyondVoice is an integrated package of voice, mobile and broadband Internet services. With the companys new Integrated Voicemail service, Cbeyonds customers save time by managing all of their messages from one single voicemail box, regardless of which phone line was called mobile or landline.

Our entrepreneurial customers are always looking for ways to run their business more efficiently, said Brent Cobb, vice president of product management and general manager of mobile. With our new Integrated Voicemail service, our customers save time because they have only one voicemail box to check and manage.

Other voicemail features include unified messaging, zero-out for assistance, and real-time message notification. The unified messaging feature allows Cbeyond customers to listen to voice messages on their computer, and to file, save, forward and back-up their important messages. With its zero-out feature, customers can allow callers to exit voicemail, instead of leaving a message, by dialing zero to receive immediate assistance. Additionally, with real-time, customizable message notification options, customers can receive an email, text message (SMS) and/or IVR phone notification to their mobile phone when a voicemail has been left on their landline extension, ending the need to frequently call their office voicemail to check for messages.

This service gives our customers the peace of mind and convenience of knowing whenever a new voicemail has been delivered, concluded Cobb. Accessing messages is simple. Customers just click on their notification message to call their voicemail from their mobile phone.

Cbeyonds Integrated Voicemail service is now included in the companys base package. Customers can take advantage of the enhanced service features without incurring any additional hardware, software, or on-going maintenance expenses.




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