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Zihtec Debuts Safe Chat 2.3, Uniquely Keeping Kids Safe In Real Time From Online Predators


Tuesday, January 23, 2007; 09:28 AM

Recently, extensive media coverage has exposed predators who target children and teens online. While many companies have introduced Internet products designed to help parents protect their kids, their approach of reporting activity after-the-fact has rendered them obsolete.

Florida-based Zihtec has taken a uniquely proactive approach to this problem. Founded by a father of two, Zihtec has developed Safe Chat - the only web protection product that prevents kids from communicating with strangers before they ever begin. Safe Chat 2.3, announced today, goes further by including parent-controlled blocking of pornographic and other offensive web content.

“Other programs give parents a listing of sites their children have visited or instant messages they have sent and received,” said Gabriel Luu, software developer and Zihtec founder. “By the time a parent reviews the details of their child’s online activity, it could be too late. Innocence is lost—or worse, a child has been targeted by a sexual predator. With Safe Chat 2.3, we now equip parents with powerful tools to block inappropriate material from the start, as well as preventing chatting with a stranger.”

Safe Chat 2.3 puts parents in control even when they aren’t familiar with new technologies their children are using online. The product not only successfully blocks instant messaging and access to web-based chat sites, but also prevents kids from viewing adult-oriented and pornographic material on the internet. With an endorsement from the accredited Kokomo Police Department in Indiana, Safe Chat is gaining interest from government officials across the country.

“What’s different about the parental control technology developed by Zihtec is it works in real time. Safety experts warn us not to reveal personal information online, but kids aren’t always careful about this,” said Luu. “Safe Chat allows parents to have specific key words and phrases automatically censored from online communications – an address, a phone number or school information, for example. They can also block out offensive language in both incoming and outgoing chat messages.”

Safe Chat features can also thwart peer-to-peer file sharing through networks like Neo-Napster, LimeWire, eMule and Morpheus. “While parents may assume kids are using these sites to download music for their MP3 players and iPods, they may not realize they can also be used to access pornographic movies, photos and amateur videos,” said Luu.

Safe Chat 2.3 includes features to prevent anyone from bypassing or hacking the controls. The product lets parents decide which types of content to block, who can chat with their children, as well as set limits on the hours children can chat on the Internet. Safe Chat is compatible with Windows XP, 2000 and 98SE and supports chat clients and instant messaging programs including MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and ICQ.

Zihtec offers a 14-day free trial of Safe Chat Universal Messenger 2.3 and retails for $34.95. Customers who have purchased earlier versions will now be notified when a newer version is available. For more information, visit http://www.zihtec.com.



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