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iTaggit Welcomes Collectors of All Kinds to Explore New Collection Management Web site


Monday, January 22, 2007; 04:49 AM

iTaggit.com, a new, free Web site that aims to change the way people collect, organize, and enjoy their belongings, today announced that it is opening its virtual doors for public beta-testing. Its diverse, growing community, which has already exceeded 2,300 members, uses iTaggit as a display case, as a secure, online storage vault, and as a set of tools to organize and unlock value in the things they own.

iTaggit provides an online environment for cataloging, managing, and sharing collections of items, while preserving user and data privacy. The site features community resources, where users can connect and interact with friends, like-minded collectors, and knowledgeable experts.

"We launched iTaggit to help people achieve more value and enjoyment from every thing they own," said David Altounian, iTaggit's CEO and co-founder. "People can bring the possessions they care about into a secure, online environment, and then easily itemize, catalog, and share the things they care about."

iTaggit's features available during the public beta-testing phase include:

• Organization. iTaggit provides a secure, central place to quickly catalog items and share the information with those they trust. iTaggit stores receipts, digital photos, audio and video files, and other user-added information about possessions. Items and collections can be tagged and grouped in a number of useful ways -- such as by year or country-of-origin -- whatever criteria is important to the user.

• Tools to digitize and catalog valuables. iTaggit helps move collections from the closet or garage to the Web. Its multi-add function allows users to instantly and easily create a collection. Data stored in spreadsheets or database format can be imported into iTaggit without re-typing. Additionally, iTaggit can automatically generate a number of reports about a collection to help users determine the value of their things.

• Privacy and security. iTaggit users control what information is shared with the iTaggit community. Each item's "Lockbox" keeps any private information, receipts, records, or notes out of public view. Everything on the system is protected by industry-standard secure tools, including firewalls, virus scanning, and authentication services.

• Community resources. iTaggit users can share collections with the public or with select family and friends. They can connect and interact with like-minded collectors and knowledgeable experts through forums, blogs, and user-created contact lists. Additionally, users can connect with other iTaggit community members interested in trading items from their collections.
• Research resources. iTaggit includes tools to research items through automated Web searches. Additional one-click links carry users to auction and shopping Web sites to facilitate selling, trading, and purchasing of items.

"Cataloging my collection on iTaggit this year has breathed new life into my collecting hobby," says Tim Stewart, an iTaggit beta-test member and collector of vintage grammar books and Italian objets d'art. "iTaggit makes it easy to store photos and notes for all my books and art pieces. And since my collections are catalogued online, I finally have a convenient way of sharing my collections with other people."

Stewart praises the simplicity of iTaggit, which can accommodate any type of collection, unlike other collecting sites that are designed for specific kinds of collectibles. "Now I only need one Web site and one password to keep track of all my collections," he said.

In August, iTaggit Inc. announced the completion of a $1.04 million Series A financing round. Altounian, an Austin business leader and entrepreneur, co-founded iTaggit in 2006. Previously, he founded Motion Computing, an Austin-based mobile technology company, and was an instrumental member of the executive team that grew the company from start-up to industry category leader.

Charles Zeller, Duncan Hopkins, and Sara Fox round out the founding iTaggit executive team. Zeller was part of the founding group at Motion. Hopkins was the principal and owner of BeyondBeyond, an Austin Web design firm, and Fox previously was with IBM.

About iTaggit
iTaggit is a web-based item management information system that provides "the place for every thing" by securely storing and organizing information, enabling research, and building communities based on individuals and collections of items. This essential online environment allows our user community to maximize the value and enjoyment of their stuff. iTaggit was founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas. For more information visit itaggit.com.



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