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V7 Network Announces SEO Tool for Undetectable Paid Links


Monday, January 22, 2007; 03:36 AM

The search engine optimization industry has been hit hard by Google's increasingly complex algorithmic filters, which can often times determine whether a link is a paid one or not. Now with the launch of V7N Contextual ( http://contextual.v7n.com ), the SEO industry is responding with undetectable paid links.

V7N Contextual is a new service launched by John Scott of the V7 Network, which aims to give the SEO industry an edge over the Google filters and other tactics recently employed to devalue and detect paid links, and thwart the efforts of those trying to increase traffic to their website. V7N Contextual provides you with the perfect link - one that is highly relevant, well-placed, permanent, affordable, and completely undetectable as a paid link by both humans and algorithmic filtering.

V7 Contextual also offers a solution for bloggers who wish to earn a little extra income through the Contextual Links @ V7 Network Publisher program. By joining this program, bloggers can earn money for simply adding a text link in their blog posts. Publishers are paid a generous $10 per link, and are paid through PayPal.

Having already gained a reputation as an established, well-trafficked webmaster community and a center of the SEO community, V7N Contextual has access to more publishers and more advertiser than any other network. For advertisers, that means you won't have a problem getting your order filled, no matter how big it is. And for publishers that means you too will see timely results; no longer will you be sitting around hoping for an "opportunity" to be offered to you. V7 also side-steps many of the ethical and moral issues that come along with paid blogging by selling link placement instead of paid endorsements.

The V7 Contextual link service is available now for both link purchasers as well as link publishers. For more information about the service, visit http://contextual.v7n.com

About V7 Network
V7N is a leading web development community with over 20,000 registered users and tens of thousands of daily unique visitors. The V7N site offers webmasters a job board, a scripts directory and one of the most active forum communities on the Internet. The V7N SEO forum is widely regarded as the most reliable source of news and information on search engine optimization and Internet marketing.



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