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SUM Agency Launches New Online Business Directory


Monday, January 22, 2007; 02:39 AM

SUM Agency, an award winning advertising and web development firm, has recently launched ClickBricks, a business directory that lets businesses say more.

"The features ClickBricks offers to businesses are unmatched in online directories," said Brandon Muth, Director of Business Development for SUM Agency and Founder of ClickBricks. "ClickBricks will revolutionize how businesses market themselves online that will ultimately lead to better opportunities for America's small-businesses to improve their bottom line."

ClickBricks gives businesses exceptional freedom to tell their stories, convey personalities and share why they are different. Businesses can also upload photos, post coupons and events, and sell their products from within their listing.

"ClickBricks ups the ante in the online business directory industry for the range of features and information businesses and consumers expect," said Kenny Barela, Creative Director for SUM Agency.

By combining insight from design and usability, ClickBricks is steadily gaining ground with consumers and businesses alike. Since the site launched it has been listed on several "cool website" directories and been viewed in all 50 states as well as over 30 countries.

Feature packed plans are just $9.99 per month and businesses can register in a matter of minutes at www.clickbricks.com.



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