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ClickTracks Present Free Web Analytics Webinars


Friday, January 19, 2007; 06:54 AM

Web analytics company ClickTracks (http://www.clicktracks.com) is now offering free Webinars for its customers to learn more about its Web measurement products and services online.

Entitled the ‘ClickTracks Live Overview’, the Webinars consist of online demonstrations of ClickTracks Web analytics products and services starting in January 2007, and are currently set to run throughout the rest of the year with the latest to be held on the 23, 24 and 25 January 2007.

Presented by Andres Galdames, business analyst and Gideon Amparo, European sales engineer at ClickTracks, the online Web analytics show customers how to benefit from maximising the potential of the ClickTracks tools.

The Webinars which maybe found at http://support.clicktracks.com/clicktracks/learn/webinars.php cover everything from how to segment visitors to how to set up revenue tracking. The online demonstrations also give customers tips and insights on interpreting specific results and are the only Web analytics virtual tutorials of this nature.

Using screen sharing inside the customers’ browser, they are able watch live as ClickTracks’ key features are demonstrated. The simultaneous toll-free telephone conference allows customers follow along with the discussion and ask questions in real time.

“The ClickTracks Live Overview compliments the range of Web analytics online classes, tutorials and seminars that enable business owners and marketers to perfect their traditional and digital strategy with our guidance. It allows our customers to tune in online in real-time, see the demonstrations live and interact with us asking any questions that may have ensuring that that are abreast of the latest developments to manage their businesses online,“ comments Michael Stebbins, VP of marketing for ClickTracks.

“Streaming video and live virtual classes is the perfect medium to deliver Web analytics to an audience and is intuitive for beginners and seasoned professionals using the Internet,” concludes Stebbins.



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