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MailTank at MacWorld: New Customer Service Email Platform Gets Attention in a Big Crowd


Thursday, January 18, 2007; 02:17 AM

MacTank, a leading developer of customer service tools for Mac users, was at MacWorld to show small business Mac users how its MailTank program can increase productivity, provide more service with fewer people, and foster teamwork in serving customers - even when volume is heavy.

The enthusiastic reception of MailTank at MacWorld confirmed by interviews with MacTank cofounders Christian Winter and Lon Baker on MacBreak, an internet TV show dedicated to Apple's Mac computers and other Apple products such as the iPod, by Merlin Mann of 43Folders.com and Leo Laporte of TWIT -- as well as by other upbeat coverage in both the online and offline trade press. The media covering the Expo asked good questions and weren't reluctant to communicate their excitement. A video of the MacTank at MacWorld press conference can be found at the MacTank blog.

Among the new features of MailTank unveiled at the conference were:

•   Training Mode - an online session for employees that demonstrates how MailTank can function at its full capacity, using in-house without disturbing customers
•   Message Tags -- a unique method for sorting whole groups of messages to handle both archive and active mail more quickly and efficiently
•   Multiple message response - a new function that allows team members to answer several messages at once with the same template

Also worth noting: MailTank is engineered to work best with
Apple's Safari desktop browser and will work right out of the box with Apple's forthcoming iPhone.

MailTemplate, another popular MacTank program that allows automates and streamlines the process of composing e-mail messages, was chosen for inclusion in the Speaker Gift Bag program by Apple's Expo management team. MailTemplate was selected from over 60 different submissions vying to be included in Gift Bags presented by the management of IDG as a way of saying thanks to all the folks who presented at MacWorld.

"We were pleased and surprised at the level of interest in MailTank and other MacTank products at MacWorld 2007," said Christian Winter, co-founder of MacTank. "Third-party vendors with quality products have always been one of the keys to Apple's success. We are proud to be one of them and part of the greater Macintosh family."

Co-founder Lon Baker, said, "MailTank has become the crown jewel among MacTank's offerings. At next year's MacWorld, you'll see more innovation from our company. We have only begun to make our mark. When you think customer service for the Mac, more and more small business Mac users will think MacTank."




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