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New BubblePLY.com Website Allows Users to Add Creative Layers on Top of Online Video


Thursday, January 18, 2007; 09:34 AM

BubblePLY.com, recently launched by PLYmedia, allows users to easily make creative additions such as text bubbles and subtitles on top of online video - much like a “user-generated pop-up video”. The site has attracted huge interest since its launch, and apart from adding humorous comments to videos, people have been using it in a variety of creative ways such as: inserting informative facts about the videos; explaining companies’ products; and inserting subtitles so that videos can be viewed in different languages, or for the hearing-impaired.

Media companies have also started to produce their own content, specifically created to be used in conjunction with BubblePLY so that people can personalize the content, such as personalized video greeting cards (Bubble-Greeting) recently made by comedian Paul Wagner from the CreativeLab.TV.

BubblePLY.com works by employing innovative technology whereby a transparent layer, known as a ‘PLY’, is created and placed on top of a video. This is done without infringing upon the original content owner’s rights since their video is never altered, edited nor copied. On this layer, the user can add “Bubbles” - similar to those found in comics such as a speech, thought or commentary captions - that can include comments, links to a website and other effects to accompany, explain or enhance the underlying video. Shortly, pictures and sounds will be able to be added too. There is no download necessary to create or view a PLY and any new PLY’d video can be easily embedded and shared, by a unique URL that is generated.

Information that is created on a PLY can be utilized for indexing and searching content, which presents many commercial opportunities. PLYmedia’s comprehensive platform can assist video communities in managing this data. Some leading video communities are already integrating BubblePLY into their community sites, after realizing its immense potential to enable their users to view, create and share unique and innovative content. This also increases the "stickiness" of the community site and the amount of their unique content.

About PLYmedia

Founded in 2006, PLYmedia is a media technology company based in California. It provides web services to video community sites, enabling their users to easily create layers of independent content known as PLYs on top of any online video player. This easy-to-deploy technology can be added to any website in a matter of hours.

For more information visit www.bubbleply.com.



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