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PresenterNet Launches New Showrooms to Enhance Web Meetings


Wednesday, January 17, 2007; 02:41 AM

PresenterNet (www.presenternet.com), provider of online interactive Web presentation applications, today launched a new generation of online Showrooms, bringing exciting new capabilities to every current and future customer.

Showrooms are dedicated facilities at which PresenterNet users place a presentation for viewer-controlled operation at a private Web Address, available 24 X 7. Every PresenterNet account has one free Showroom, all of which now have the company's newly launched capabilities.

As announced by PresenterNet CEO Doug Wolfgram, "Showrooms are an exclusive feature of PresenterNet. No other service in our industry offers anything like them."

Viewer-controlled Showroom presentations may include interactive slides, enabling viewers to enter information, such as requests for further information, polling, or student testing. Account holders can access these responses at any time, and export them as reports. Users can also add voice narration to their presentations, so that viewers listen to explanations of presented material and respond onscreen to a narrator's questions.

The new Showrooms enable online presentations to be identified by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. "Automatic search engine optimization makes Showroom presentations into excellent vehicles for online promotion," explained Wolfgram.

Presenters can now configure their accounts with multiple showrooms. This enables the flexibility to promote with multiple messages in some Showrooms, while others may be used for viewer review of private or sensitive information. Users may now optionally protect their Showrooms with passwords, thereby restricting selected presentations to authorized viewers.

Wolfgram further explained, "Showrooms open a world of new applications for Web conferencing users. They are so easy to use, that many small companies use them as instant 'Web sites'. Other applications include online training classrooms, sales and business development programs, and recorded performances for conference absentees, to name just a few."

Please visit Showroom Information for more information on PresenterNet Showrooms. Additional PresenterNet information is available at What is Presenternet?.

About PresenterNet:

PresenterNet's online services emphasize high-impact interactive presentations, data collection from prospect interactions, database applications and customized reporting. The company has committed all of its products to compatibility with industry standards, such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia FlashPaper, Microsoft Internet Explorer, PowerPoint(tm), Mozilla, and Apple Macintosh, as well as emerging technology leaders like Skype. PresenterNet's founders have been developing and implementing sales and marketing technologies for nearly 25 years. Past clients have included Toshiba, SGI, Philips, NEC, ITT, Litton, Fujitsu, and HP.



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