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Cellblock.com Adds Mobile Video Support to its Real-Time Embeddable Player


Wednesday, January 17, 2007; 07:57 AM

Gloto Corp., a firm committed to the seamless integration of mobile and desktop devices for mass markets, has added video support to its real-time, embeddable blogging widget. As with still images, video clips are available for viewing on any website or blog within seconds of receipt. The service is free and no special software is required.

“Many Cellblock users have expressed a desire to be able to post and watch video clips in real-time and interleave photos and video within a single embeddable player”, said Eric Conn, Co-founder of Gloto Corp. “You can now send short video clips from your cell phone or computer to any Cellblock. Within seconds, they will play in sequence wherever the Cellblock player is installed. Publishing video has never been easier or more convenient. Now anyone with a modern camera phone can capture and broadcast video instantly and share experiences as they happen with whoever they want.”

The firm also added a feature whereby users can create new cellblocks right from their cellphone, rather than having to go to the Cellblock.com website. “We want to give users the freedom to create, share, and publish rich content from anywhere at anytime and distribute it in any manner they see fit – through our website, their personal web page or blog, an email, or a syndication service such as RSS,” said Conn. “We believe the excitement generated by Apple Inc.’s announcement of the iPhone demonstrates that the era of instantaneous mobile content access, production, and distribution is upon us. Since our technology is vendor-neutral, Cellblock.com is poised to take advantage of this trend.”

Gloto Corp. is showcasing Cellblock.com with the “World” campaign. To participate, camera phone users simply take a photo or video clip and text it to the [email protected] email address. Alternatively, photos and video can be submitted from one’s computer via an email attachment. The submitted content then appears instantly in the streaming player on the home page of www.cellblock.com.



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