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Determina Unveils Zero-Day Vulnerability Tracking Page


Tuesday, January 16, 2007; 03:24 AM

Determina Inc., a leader in Vulnerability Protection Solutions, today announced a tracking page for zero-day vulnerabilities. This section of the Determina website enables customers to track zero-day vulnerabilities found by Determina security researchers, emerging zero-day threats, as well as remediation options including free runtime fixes created by Determina that offer immediate protection to customers in the absence of a vendor-supplied patch. The Determina zero-day page is available now at:


Determina’s world-class vulnerability research team continuously tracks and evaluates attacks and software vulnerabilities. As part of this research, it often finds new vulnerabilities in software that can be exploited by attackers to compromise systems. Through its strict ethical disclosure policies, Determina directly notifies the affected vendor about the vulnerability without releasing details that can allow attackers to create attacks that take advantage of these vulnerabilities. While many of these vulnerabilities do not have known active attacks against them, they remain a serious threat in case they are independently discovered and used to create true “zero-day” attacks against systems.

“The Determina Security Research Team has earned a great reputation for their ability to find and analyze complex vulnerabilities and threats,” said Sandy Wilbourn, Vice President of Engineering. “And Determina customers benefit from our industry-leading protection capabilities through superior research.”

Determina Vulnerability Protection Suite (VPS), which does not rely on attack signatures or customer created security policies, already protects its customers against these vulnerabilities.

Determina is a leading provider of Vulnerability Protection solutions for servers and desktops based on breakthrough technology developed at M.I.T. Determina Vulnerability Protection Suite™ (VPS™) is the only solution to address the root cause of attacks – the software vulnerabilities themselves. Through this unique approach, it is the only solution for continuous protection from the latest worms, malicious code, and directed attacks, eliminating the need for reactive security patching. VPS consists of two products providing complimentary vulnerability coverage: Memory Firewall®, which provides proactive, zero-day protection for the most dangerous class of vulnerabilities without the need for updates, and LiveShield®, which provides precise vulnerability protection in real-time.

Determina is headquartered in Redwood City, CA with development offices in Cambridge, MA. Determina VPS has been rapidly and broadly deployed by enterprise customers in industries demanding the highest level of security and availability.



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