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Alfresco and Easypress Technologies Announce OEM Agreement for Atomik Dynamic Publisher, Powered by QuarkXPress Server 7


Friday, January 12, 2007; 04:53 AM

Alfresco, a leading provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced an OEM agreement to support the launch of Easypress Technologies’ new Atomik Dynamic Publisher product, which works in conjunction with the new QuarkXPress Server 7 from Quark.

John Powell, CEO of Alfresco Software Inc., said: “Alfresco is recognised in the market as the leading open source enterprise content management solution and is rapidly becoming the open source ECM of choice for publishing. The domain knowledge that Easypress Technologies bring is critical to continuing our significant momentum in the publishing market. We see Atomik Dynamic Publisher as our leading collaborative publishing solution, building upon the strengths of Alfresco’s OEM server technology.”

James Macfarlane, founder of Easypress Technologies, said: “At the heart of Atomik Dynamic Publisher, launched last month, are two platform products; Alfresco’s leading content management Enterprise Server and QuarkXPress® Server 7.” Macfarlane said of the partnership: “We have combined these two product platforms to form one of the leading collaborative publishing solutions available today for remote browser-based editing of QuarkXPress® documents.”

Macfarlane went on to outline Easypress Technologies’ OEM agreement with Alfresco Software Inc. “As part of the underling strength of our Atomik Dynamic Publisher solution we have tightly integrated the core strengths of Alfresco into each of our collaborative publishing applications”. He continued: “Alfresco provides us with a flexible J2EE platform to support document and content management, workflow, collaboration and document version control from within Atomik Dynamic Publisher in a flexible yet simple to operate way.” These built-in features within the Alfresco Enterprise Server product allows Atomik Dynamic Publisher to provide and manage access in a publishing workflow by building a comprehensive audit trail of changes made to a document throughout its online revision life cycle.

Atomik Dynamic Publisher allows online browser based editing access to complete QuarkXPress 7 documents by editors from anywhere in the world, even including those users who have not been trained on QuarkXPress. Secure access is provided to content, allowing users to see the changes they are making on the QuarkXPress page immediately. The software also provides a sophisticated editorial approval process and it aims to significantly reduce the costs of QuarkXPress content production.

Charles Delamain, CEO of Easypress Technologies, said: “This OEM agreement with Alfresco is another significant step forward for our business and provides Easypress technologies with Enterprise strength products within the publishing market. Quark’s superb technologies combined with Alfresco’s leading Enterprise platform for document and content management allow us to create a truly enterprise-wide market-leading product.”

Atomik Dynamic Publisher is available immediately in the UK, Europe and North America. Contact Easypress Technologies [www.easypress.com] to order. Atomik Dynamic Publisher runs as a server product in conjunction with QuarkXPress Server 7 on Mac OS X and Windows servers. The software also runs on Linux and Unix with the Alfresco components installed.

Fact sheet download

Download the Atomik Dynamic Publisher features and benefits fact sheet PDF from the Easypress Technologies Web site at: www.easypress.com/images/Features_and_Benefits.pdf.

About Alfresco Software, Inc.

Alfresco Software Inc. is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management. It is the first company to bring the power of open source to the enterprise content management market, enabling unprecedented scale and a much lower total cost of ownership than proprietary systems. Founded by a team of content management veterans that includes the co-founder of Documentum, John Newton and former COO of Business Objects, John Powell, Alfresco is based in London. For more information, visit www.alfresco.com.

About Easypress Technologies

Easypress Technologies (www.easypress.com) provides software for converting content between XML and QuarkXPress. Its flagship products include Atomik Roundtrip™, which provides full bidirectional XML support for QuarkXPress; Atomik Xport™, which provides automated QuarkXPress-to-XML conversion; and Atomik Import™, which provides flexible import of XML content into QuarkXPress documents. Easypress Technologies is a Quark Preferred Solutions Provider through its Atomik XML Publisher solution for QuarkXPress 7. The company has an extensive global client list that includes Centaur Communications, Economist Intelligence Unit, Euromoney Institutional Investor, Trailfinders, Harvard Business School Publishing, Roularta Media Group, New Statesman, Parade magazine, Federal Reserve Bank, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Incisive Media, Sotheby’s, Time Out, and Wilmington Group plc. Easypress Technologies is an operating division of EvolvedGroup Limited and is headquartered in Guildford, UK.



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