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NoMachine releases NX 2.0 and free NX Desktop Server


Friday, June 23, 2006; 03:17 AM

NoMachine, the creator of the innovative NX Terminal server and Remote Access System, announced the release of NX 2.0. The new major release sports new features that consolidate NX as one of the most advanced tools in the Linux world, enabling corporations and professionals to get secure access to their server-based applications over the Internet.

The new functionalities and features in NX 2.0 focus on three main areas:

    - New additions to the NX software product range
    including a free-forever NX Desktop Server
    - Advanced and richer options
    - Improved peformance and user experience

NoMachine is expanding its Linux and Solaris offerings with products catered for both the small to medium businesses as well as for a large corporate setting. NoMachine now offers the following products among its server software: NX Desktop Server with NX Enterprise Desktop versions for numerous 1-2 user installations, NX Small Business Server, NX Enterprise Server and the much-awaited NX Advanced Server.

The Personal Edition has been replaced by the free-forever NX Desktop Server opening up the market to individual users. Moreover, customers can also expect to see considerable changes in licensing aspects concerning user numbers and in support which is now part of the package.

"With the addition of the new free NX Desktop Server allowing upto 2 user sessions, and Enterprise Desktop options, we address the needs of both individual desktop users as well as corporate IT managers wanting to run remote applications from wherever they may be. Furthermore, company administrators can get peace-of-mind knowing that support services are available according to their needs," told Sarah Dryell, Business Development Manager for NoMachine.

The much-awaited NX Advanced Server offers users the functionality of load-balancing together with NX Advanced Server Node(s). NX Advanced Server is the most complete corporate solution available for providing secure, on-demand access to any business information resource from anywhere and over any network. It unifies the key features, capabilities and technologies of NX Enterprise Server, along with load-balancing and node management. With this single solution, corporations eliminate fragmented management, performance degradation, and IT management costs.

A brand new addition is the GPL'd NX Builder created to offer a simple and adaptable Web application allowing users to get instant access via NX without the need to configure the NX Client. Ideal for the enterprise which needs to offer access to hundreds of users, NX Builder was created with easy user access in mind. The new tool for Web Administrators will allow them to define and create user sessions, making it much simpler for users to get access to their remote NX sessions. No manual user configuration is necessary since any parameters are set the by Administrator. Just by selecting the preferred session published on the NX Builder interface, session files are created on the fly and stored on the Web server permitting you to access varying preconfigured remote desktop or application connections.

NX 2.0 has been created to optimize and increase performance. NX now optimizes the stream of data sent to the end-user by smartly exploiting the capabilities of the NX protocol and introducing the lazy encoding policies for handling the display updates. A better efficiency of the refresh mechanism is granted by the new implementation of the backing-store feature in the X11 agent that now uses the functions provided by the machine independent(MI) library.

A key feature in NX 2.0 is the support for Guest User access. When the NX server is configured to support the automatic provision of guest users, it will create guest accounts on demand and will automatically manage them according to the settings in the server configuration file. Perfect for those settings combining NX Builder or where there is a need to provide convenient and secure Internet access to vendors, customers, business partners, and other visitors to an enterprise location. These guests are better able to carry out their jobs when instant access to timely business information is available.

"This release is literally a watershed event and proof of our continual commitment to our customers and the Linux community. With its new offerings and great features, NoMachine can now provide a flexible, cost-effective remote access solution suitable for all. What's more, organizations can tailor their software purchases and deployments more closely to resemble their support needs and the actual requirements of their users," continued Sarah Dryell.



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