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Neverfail for SQL Server Wins Windows IT Media's Tech Ed 2006 Attendees' Pick Award in ``Best SQL Product'' Category


Thursday, June 22, 2006; 05:25 AM

Windows IT Media announced that Neverfail for SQL Server was chosen by attendees as the best product in the "SQL Server category" at the Tech Ed 2006 conference in Boston.

"This was a record-breaking year for the Attendee's Pick award, with more than 1,200 attendees voting. Attendees were genuinely excited about the technologies exhibitors were showing," said Lyle Bonfigt, Marketing Manager for MSD2D, a Windows IT Media company. The field included hundreds of entries listed in a special Product Showcase Guide. Attendees were asked to evaluate the technologies based on practical use, strategic value, innovation, and any other factors they personally found useful.

"The Tech Ed Attendees' Pick award carries particular relevance because the awards are given by users of these technologies," said Kim Paulsen, Group Publisher. "Tech Ed attendees are industry leaders, and by selecting a product for this award, the attendees are demonstrating their confidence in the product's leadership in the market."

Neverfail for SQL Server is the a disaster recovery and high availability solution in the market that proactively monitors the health of the entire SQL environment, including the server hardware, network infrastructure and operating system. Should an issue arise, end users are seamlessly connected to an organization's redundant system, providing them with an identical application environment so they may continue working. After issue resolution, users are reconnected to the primary SQL environment without disruption. The entire process is completely transparent to the end user and does not require applications or clients be restarted before use.

"Organizations of all sizes rely on their SQL Server environments to provide end users with the information needed to conduct business around the world," said Dave French, Neverfail Americas CEO. "Neverfail prides itself on developing high availability solutions that ensure user continuity under all circumstances. We're pleased that attendees at Tech Ed 2006 have chosen Neverfail for SQL Server as the clear winner in the 'Best SQL Product' category."



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