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Telekom Austria Selects Amino for IPTV Roll-out


Thursday, June 22, 2006; 02:22 AM

Amino, leading IPTV set-top box supplier, announced that it has added yet another national Telco to its list of customers. Telekom Austria, the country's leading telecommunications operator has ordered additional supplies of the AmiNET110 to meet customer demand for its aonDigital TV service. The IPTV package was rolled out to subscribers in March 2006, following a customer-friendly soft launch in December 2005 and offers a flexible range of broadcast and video on-demand (VOD) channels to Austrian homes with DSL connectivity.

"We are pleased with the level of subscriber interest in our aonDigital TV service which has exceeded our expectations after only a few months of full deployment," commented Stefan Tweraser, VP Marketing, Telekom Austria. "Amino's technology integrated seamlessly with the other elements of the deployment and the AmiNET110's small size and attractive design meant that our subscribers could add it to their existing home entertainment networks without any difficulty."

The AmiNET110 is based on Amino's multi-award-winning series of STBs and offers high quality MPEG-2 video support and pre-tested interoperability with all major providers of middleware, content security, headend and browser technologies.

Roy Kirsopp, VP and General Manager of Amino Communications noted, "We aim to provide the most flexible customer premises technology and unrivalled technical support to ensure that our Telco partners' deployments are as smooth as possible." He continued, "Telekom Austria has found the AmiNET110 to be a reliable and attractive component of their IPTV service, which has experienced considerable consumer demand after only being available for a few months."



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