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CQ Web Users Can Now Utilize PreFound.com to Store and Share Information Found on the Web


Tuesday, June 20, 2006; 04:12 AM

PreFound.com (www.prefound.com), a community-oriented search engine that lets people find, tag, and share information including multimedia such as video, MP3 files, and podcasts, announced an agreement with Q-Phrase, whose CQ web technology provides users with content-specific, advanced search results.

Now users of CQ web can store and share the information they have gathered using this web search application on PreFound.com. Furthermore, CQ web users will have access to all the features of Prefound.com. This information can then be accessed from any computer, and is completely searchable.

PreFound.com is based on the premise that communities of knowledgeable, interested people can identify relevant sites with greater precision than a traditional search engine. Now in addition to posting links directly to PreFound.com by typing or cut-and-pasting URLs, importing URLs from other sites and using the PFfinder Toolkit, PreFound.com users now have access to the free CQ web application to gather and share all their research with the PreFound.com community.

CQ web works in conjunction with search engines, automatically visiting their most relevant search results to discover significant keywords and topics relating to the original search query. By compiling all of this data into an indexed format, CQ web allows users to quickly explore the relevancy, relationships and sources of information related to their topic of interest. The search interface in CQ web circumvents the "hit or miss" nature and trial-and-error link clicking associated with traditional search engine results that are often limited to simple snippets when describing page content.

"CQ web's advanced web research capabilities are a natural complement to PreFound.com's philosophy that users should be provided with the most innovative web search tools available, and then shared with the world in a search paradigm," said Steve Mansfield, co-founder and CEO, PreFound.com. "This joint effort with Q-Phrase will not only increase awareness of PreFound.com's social search technology, but will take PreFound.com's mission in finding and sharing the most relevant and meaningful information on the web to the next level."

"Community-based technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way in which people interact and share information," said Andy Miller, co-founder and President, Q-Phrase. "The combination of CQ web's ability to extract contextual relevance from search results with PreFound.com's social search platform offers a unique opportunity for users who wish to identify and share the most relevant information on the web."



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