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Panasonic Launches An Online Art Gallery


Monday, June 19, 2006; 02:07 AM

Panasonic Direct has launched an innovative Web-based service – Panasonic HD Image Gallery – a virtual gallery, featuring high definition art and photography for use on Panasonic HDTVs.

The Panasonic HD Image Gallery presents a wide-ranging library of downloadable HD image collections power-driven by GalleryPlayer, one of the leaders in high definition still imagery.

"We're excited to offer our customers the benefit of enjoying true HD imagery on their Panasonic Plasma TV," said Merwan Mereby, Vice President of Panasonic's e-Business Group. "Today's high definition televisions are more than just a TV, they are design statements. The ability to enhance the home environment with a choice of great works of art is an additional value Panasonic can now offer to the consumer."

The ‘great looks’ of the Panasonic HD Image Gallery is generated by an embedded "Smart Display" technology, which automatically adjusts every image to perfectly fit the user's display, regardless of the device’s aspect ratio and screen resolution.

"We share a common vision for enhancing the home environment by bringing the world's finest HD imagery to Panasonic HDTV owners. Both Panasonic and GalleryPlayer worked hard to bring this new web-based service to market, and we're very pleased with the result," said Bruce Worrall, GalleryPlayer's Chief Operating Officer.

"The success of Panasonic's Masterpiece Plasma Series which enabled consumers to mount custom picture frames on select Panasonic Plasmas convinced us that the market was ready to experience HD art and photography on their HDTV. GalleryPlayer has both the HD image technology and content relationships to help us make it happen," Mereby added.

The Panasonic HD Image Gallery can be reached through the main Panasonic web site, or directly from http://www.panasonic.galleryplayer.com/.



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